Designer Wallpaper Ideas for Your Living & Bedroom


Designer Wallpaper Ideas for Your Living & Bedroom

Usually, living rooms are the social hub of most homes. Hence, the look and feel of such rooms become important. All of us can agree that not only in India, but hanging wallpapers designed for living rooms is a lovely way to transform their look all over the world. However, it is advisable to give some thought when choosing the pattern. For instance, the color sets the mood of a room. Warmer colors like red and yellow accentuate the positivity and vibrance of the room. Uneven wall surfaces can look better with textured wallpapers that mask their apparent blemishes. Patterns with smaller motifs add a formal appearance, while irregular ones give an eccentric vibe to your interiors.


Similarly, vertical lines make the ceiling appear bigger and horizontal ones create an illusory broader look for your spaces. Therefore, it is the little differences in wallpaper aesthetics that change the dynamic of rooms in general. Now, it's time to look at how different wallpaper ideas shape the aesthetics of your living room décor!


Attractive Ideas Designer Wallpapers for Living Room Walls


Diffused Patterns are Ideal for Compact Spaces

Abstract or diffused wallpaper patterns can positively impact the outlook of a room. It gives a sense of compactness that can bring an element of spaciousness to your living rooms.


Lighter Colours with Subtle Patterns Add Charm

Lighter colors tend to carry a different mellow charm. When combined with subtle patterns, the warmth of your interiors certainly increases, especially if it gets ample daylight. If you're living in India, the chances are that your living rooms receive lots of sunshine in the daytime because of the tropical climate. in this context, light-coloured wallpapers light up your living rooms completely.


Mix And Match Patterns to Strike the Ideal Look

Different wallpapers affect your living room walls in different ways. For example, scenic ones tend to depend on the scenery's aesthetics. At the same time, wooded landscape patterns may add a dimension to the vastness that transcends the physical confines of your space.


Wallpapers Can Mimic Three-Dimensional Appearances

The element of shading of certain patterns in wallpapers adds volume and depth of character. Such wallpapers can create a 3D illusion on your walls. In fact, this life-like superimposition can add a fresh breath of life to your living rooms.


Now Let’s Talk About Bedrooms.


Being a private refuge, bedrooms are spaces that may often require aesthetics that are personal.

Thoughtful and classy bedroom wallpaper designs could be precisely what your lovely bedroom requires to make a statement. All of us know that bedrooms are the best possible space to unwind and drift off to sleep slowly after a tiring day. In this regard, selecting a suitable wallpaper becomes vital to set a calm and relaxing mood. So, without further ado, let’s look at a few brilliant bedroom wallpaper ideas that bring about a blend of beauty and peace.


Lesser-Known Wallpaper Ideas for Classy Bedrooms


Behind Your Headboard Lies Creativity

Make a feature wall in the space behind a headboard to put the bed on display. This small tip is a terrific bedroom idea for directing the focus and opening up the rest of the room. Using classy monochrome wallpaper can balance out the scheme if your bedroom décor features coloured furniture. 


Create a Classy and Artistic Feature Wall

This design is ideal for individuals decorating on a budget because it utilizes little space but has an enormous creative impact. To create an artwork-sized wallpaper panel, choose a block section of the bedroom wall, best used above the bed or between closets. This style requires only one roll of wallpaper, making it a low-cost yet classy decorating option.


Make The Most Visible Wall Interesting

It’s not necessary to decorate the back of your headboard as the feature wall. Often, we see the position of beds running alongside the doorway and the headboard is visible only after you walk into the bedroom. Under such circumstances, you can choose to use modern wallpaper to decorate the wall that runs alongside the bed.


Wallpaper Wardrobes Are Equally Impressive

Sometimes, it can be beneficial to think outside the box when it comes to curating a ‘feature’ wall. Your wardrobes can also sport a suitable wallpaper and make the perfect fashion statement. Wallpapered wardrobes add spunk to an otherwise plain bedroom interior. Moreover, it is always wise to repurpose furnishings to uplift a room’s aura.


Final Thoughts


Be it in bedrooms or living rooms, classy designer wallpapers in India are always a great addition to existing décor. You can use them for various reasons. These range from making your interiors look wider and spacious to doing a feature wall or a wallpapered wardrobe that saves cost. In short, good wallpaper ideas can be hard to come by, which is precisely why Excel Wallpapers come into the picture. The sheer range of patterns and colours is so versatile that it is bound to uplift any room’s décor (of both your bedroom and living room).

Browse through our collection to watch your walls transform!



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The aesthetics of wallpaper change the dynamics of room. Be it in bedrooms or living rooms, designer wallpapers by Excel are always a great addition to existing décor.

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The aesthetics of wallpaper change the dynamics of room. Be it in bedrooms or living rooms, designer wallpapers by Excel are always a great addition to existing décor.

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The aesthetics of wallpaper change the dynamics of room. Be it in bedrooms or living rooms, designer wallpapers by Excel are always a great addition to existing décor.

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