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Love Birds LBW-01

₹ 18770/Roll 75 Sq. Ft.

Parrots play and court in this scene redolent with the light that slants thr...

Rajbari Trellis RTW-01

₹ 18770/Roll 75 Sq. Ft.

Pichwais are glorious in their exuberant use of colour and intricate detaili...

Sheesh Mahal SMW-01

₹ 18770/Roll 63 Sq. Ft.

Sheesh Mahals are seen in many palaces and havelis in Rajasthan including S...

Mughal Garden MGW-01

₹ 18770/Roll 75 Sq. Ft.

Inspired by the intricate formal Mughal gardens that flourish even today.

Maharani's Jewel MJW-01

₹ 18770/Roll 75 Sq. Ft.

Ancient Tamil texts describe the jewellery worn by women - intricately wrou...

Nature's Raga NRW-01

₹ 18770/Roll 75 Sq. Ft.

Rajasthani miniature paintings often feature playful and intricate flowers th...

Celestial Tree CTW-01

₹ 18770/Roll 75 Sq. Ft.

This abundantly flowering tree is a joyful pastiche of multiple sources from...

Bundi Mahal BMW-01

₹ 18770/Roll 75 Sq. Ft.

A damask featuring an abundance of flowers based on detail from a fresco at t...

Tanjore Bouquet TBW-01

₹ 18770/Roll 75 Sq. Ft.

Based on a detail from the border of a Tanjore painting, the flowering tree s...

Lattice LTW-01

₹ 18770/Roll 75 Sq. Ft.

Intricately hand-carved stone lattice screens or jālis were used to regulate ...

Peacock Dance PDW-01

₹ 18770/Roll 75 Sq. Ft.

Palaces in Rajasthan are covered in an abundance of motifs celebrating nature...

Hirana HRW-01

₹ 18770/Roll 75 Sq. Ft.

Infused with elements from Rajasthani paintings, this design captures a rom...

Pholl Jali PJW-01

₹ 18770/Roll 75 Sq. Ft.

Islamic geometric patterns are windows onto the Infinite. The Mughals drew ...

Valley of Chintz 7805-1

₹ 12200/Roll 53 Sq. Ft.

Inspired by the Indian Palampore bedcover and wall hangings of 18th century,...

Mystical Gulbahar 7806-1

₹ 12200/Roll 53 Sq. Ft.

An unusual damask comprising of imaginary floral motifs from chintz which rep...