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French Bonnet

An elegant addition to any room in your home, this floral damask wallpaper brings an element of depth to your walls. Featuring a beautiful colour with a damask design, it is perfect for a feature wall or covering an entire room.

1.06 X 5.2mts = 59sft
₹ 3600/Roll
₹ 3201/Roll
₹ 61

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Floral Damask

If you’re after a classic and regal look, damask wallpaper provides plenty of luxurious style to give the finishing touch to your home décor theme.

Item Details
  • Usage for: Living room, Bedroom, Office

  • Please note : Not suitable for damp, dirty & rough surfaces

  • Package Contents : Excel wallpaper rolls is 10 mtrs x 53 cm = 5.3 Sq. mt. or 57 Sqft, Average utilization of each roll is 50 sqft

  • Instructions: Spongeable, easy to remove, colorfast and fire resistant.

  • It is not Self Adhesive wallpaper, we do not provide glue with wallpaper.

  • Excel wallpapers are made of a premium, high quality and durable materials and are safe for walls and will last for years without fading.

  • Maintenance Tips - Always wipe from bottom to top, clean stubborn stains with clean damp cloth (do not use strong abrasive cleaning agents or hard scrubbers on wallpaper surface)