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Old Brand-New Styles for Interiors

Ancestral properties have their own charm. Such homes are not only made of walls and bricks; a lot of emotions are also attached to these houses. Renovating an old home is always a challenge. Interior designers need to find the correct balance between infusing new elements and keeping the old decor.

Gift Heartbeats to your Walls-Bring Life with Wallpapers

We have all heard the famous line, "Har ghar kuch kehta hai". What it essentially means is that homes too have feelings; the walls reflect our joys and sorrows. At Excel, we strongly believe that "Deewaron ke bhi dil hote hain". And this is why our wallpapers are not mere sheets to cover up your walls. Our home wallpaper designs evoke an emotion in you.

Design with environmental themes: Bring nature inside

The world is changing fast. Cities continue to grow, and buildings continue being taller. Urban homes can either be a tiny apartment or a large penthouse, but the outer space for a lawn is missing in both. Home owners have a distinct lack of greenery in their lives. Excel Wallpapers has launched the new Colibri collection to fill up this void of nature seen in most homes.

Wallpapers That Can Make Your Festivities Come Alive

Earthen diyas lining up the walls; pretty colourful lanterns hanging from the ceiling; fresh marigolds adorning each corner of the home; and the sweet aroma of incense sticks filling up the air - Just these few words put us in a festive mood. Ever thought about bringing these tangible things into your wallpaper design? Excel has thought, and also delivered exceptionally well. Want to know how? Read on.

European Elegance Right Inside The Home

Wallpapers bring in class and sophistication to one's home interiors with little effort. The varying textures, patterns and luxurious look make wallpaper the ideal choice for home decoration. They can be bright and colourful, and also soft and minimalist at the same time. Wallpapers have the power to completely change the look of any space.


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