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Interior Design Faux Pas Experts often avoid

The magic of interior designing happens in the smallest decisions. From experimenting with wallpaper designs for wall to choosing the position of furniture, from organizing accessories to hanging artwork, these tiny details play a big role in home décor. Interior designers always work hard to deliver the best for their clients.

WWF has got a new meaning – Complete care guide for your interiors

We begin with decoding WWF for you – At Excel, it means Wallpapers; Window blinds; Floorings - Assuring a complete solution to your interior designing needs. Renovating your home décor can be a catharsis for your soul. Let your emotions and feelings be expressed by your interiors. From the walls and windows to lighting and flooring, everything has an impact on the look and feel of your home. With Excel, you can get quick and easy design solutions for you home interiors.

For the Amazingly Intelligent Interiors

With Excel as a partner, interior designing becomes a quick and easy endeavour. Now, no more need to consult different vendors for each specific requirement. At Excel, get comprehensive design solutions for wallpapers, window blinds, and premium flooring.

What's in trend for interiors after the lockdown phase?

We all have patiently worked our way through the lockdown. It's now UNLOCK time! Renovating your home is a good way to use your creative mind and keep your hands busy. In these times of social distancing, you should go for easy design solutions which can be done in a quick and efficient manner. Wallpaper designs for walls and customized window blinds are two great ideas for giving a makeover to your home.

For the interiors that speak a thousand words

We have all heard the popular saying, 'Deewaronkebhikaanhotehai'. But we at Excel believe that 'Deewaronkedilbhihotehai'. This is why our wallpaper designs for walls are all about capturing the heart of the homeowner.


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