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Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas to Brighten up your World

Your bedroom is ideally your place of solace and peace. Every person starts and ends his/her day in the bedroom. Needless to say, having it designed in your affect way should be the topmost priority after buying a new house. The colours used, the patterns selected, all of it, not only affects the aesthetics of your entire house but also affects the way how you choose to begin and end your day. Choosing the right combination and striking the perfect balance can sometimes be overwhelming for interior design enthusiasts.

5 Bold Wallpaper Ideas for Every Décor Geek

Here is a collection of bold and unique wallpapers that can help you alleviate your room essence

Wallpapers for Your Walls Based on Your Zodiac Elements

Designing the walls of your house and office can be a tedious task. As there are multiple choices offered by numerous everyone takes a different approach for their designing needs. While some people choose traditional wallpapers based on the themes of classical artworks, modernists go for more abstract and contemporary prints.

Decor Trend To Watch In 2021 – Boho Chic Look

Bohemian style is “in” and there is no second thought about it. Be it apparels, accessories, home decor, interiors – you name it, and boho style is what’s ruling all over. It is for quite a while now that boho chic style is popular and right now, it is making big as the best home decor trend in 2021.

Most Common Wallpaper Mistakes One Must Avoid

Wallpapers are what gives your interiors a definition, and bring out your persona and taste through your own space. In recent years, wallpapers have been immensely popular for their diversity, ease of application, and unique presentation. However, what matters is doing it the right way. Right from selecting the most suitable wallpaper, to proper measurements, to following the right steps for that perfect finish – there are certain things to consider, and there are few mistakes to avoid. Let us, at Excel Wallpapers, remind you how to do it right while wallpapering.


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