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Exciting Designer Wallpapers to Try this Festive Season

It has always been customary for people to start new ventures on auspicious days. This is not just about big purchases – it’s also about transforming your home to get ready for those exciting festive occasions. Get-togethers and celebrations are bound to take place here and your home is the venue where priceless moments unfold. And when it comes to your interiors, choosing designer wallpaper for walls is the best place to start.

Interior Design Ideas for Homes with 3D Wallpaper

Decorating a room is not a challenge. By moving items and objects in a way that adheres to your aesthetics, you can create a look that’s truly appealing. However, layering a room is an entirely separate matter altogether. This involves a series of considerations that vary from your choice patterns, shapes, designs and most importantly - colours. Through this, you can successfully achieve more depth, visual harmony and balance within spaces. Whether a bedroom or living room, modern 3D wallpaper is perhaps the best way to achieve this.

Geometric – Designs That Make A Statement

Try out wallpapers in bold geometric patterns to add energy to a dull space.

Colour Psychology In Interior Design

Have you ever wondered about the psychological effects of colour in your home? Are there colours that affect your mood? Have you ever asked yourself why you feel so tranquil when in a beautifully neutral living space?

How to Colour Match a Textured Wall


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