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How to Choose Flooring for Your Room Interiors

When it comes to our homes, nothing quite compares to a design aesthetic to make it stand out. While we often look at wallpapers and colors, how often do we notice our flooring? Flooring plays a crucial look in the look and feel as well as the functionality of our interiors. Whether flooring in the living room or a kitchen, it can infuse warmth and add durability to spaces. In fact, it helps to create the building blocks of a splendid interior style! Opting for proper flooring comes with exceptional advantages.

2021's Best Selling Designer Wallpapers for Interiors

There’s something about wallpapers that always keeps us coming back for more. Whether it’s the creation of a different ambience or the range of designs and styles, it is easily the most preferred design element used in a room. Designer wallpapers for walls add depth, establish moods and bring life to spaces – this small change carries such a huge impact! And with this in mind, it becomes quite difficult to choose the perfect wallpaper.

Trending Wallpaper Designs Leading Us into 2022

2021 has proved to be a great time for interior design. But now, we are even more excited about wallpaper trends in 2022! The current modern home décor trends are a combination of comfort, the latest technology and unfiltered beauty. This write-up will take a look at the colors, patterns and wallpaper styles you’re most likely to see in the coming year.

Best Styles by Versace to Bring Life to Your Walls

Add Festive Feels to Your Rooms with Luxury Wallpaper Versace is a name that needs no introduction. As the name suggests, one can expect a certain degree of elegance through its premium range of wallpapers. Luxury is at the heart of every design and we at Excel are proud to display some of the most iconic prints that are a must-have for a festive touch.

Start Afresh with Luxury Wallpaper this Festive Season!

The month of October is filled with vibrant festivals and colourful celebrations all around. Truly a joyous month for all, it is known to bring family and people together almost effortlessly. And in that spirit, it is nothing less than a celebration that reveals the incredible diversity of festivals that India is known for. And what better way of prepping up for the festive season than by revamping your walls with designer wallpaper?


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