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Change the look & feel of your interiors in a day

This lockdown, we have been stuck at home. After all the shows have been watched and the cakes have been baked, what shall one do?With recreational options being limited, perhaps it's a good thing that a change in interiors can be done without stepping out of the house. Have you ever given a thought about decorating your window space?

Wallpapers for Quarantine - Feel alive with digital wallpapers

Stepping out on the streets can increase the risk of infection. In this pandemic-stricken world,staying within the four walls of one's home is the safest place to be right now.And with digital wallpapers by Excel, one can make their safe place a happy space too

All you need to know about Wallpapers

Wallpapers are the easiest and most convenient form of interior decoration. They bring in colours and patterns to any wall, converting a bland corner into a stylish space. Wallpaper design for walls have been gaining more attention from homeowners in past few years. They have been around for decades, but recently, wallpapers have started featuring more prominently in home decor.

Design a Happy Home for a Mental Boost during Quarantine

Bright colours, vivacious designs, loud prints - wallpaper designs for walls can spread happiness and cheer on your home walls. And in this current lockdown situation, we need all the help we can get to make our dwellings a bright and happy space. Digital wallpaper collections by Excel are all about bringing magic to life. Their charismatic designs do a perfect job in lifting both your mood and your interiors style.

Expand your Horizon - When your walls get digital

Digital wallpapers have been ruling the interior design scene for quite some time now. With a richness of colours and the wide variety of patterns, wallpaper designs for walls have won the hearts of many. With the magic of digital wallpaper printing, homeowners can now customise wallpapers to any design of their choice. From bold floral prints to muted graphic patterns, digital wallpapers suit all corners of the home.


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