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Reimagining the Interiors for a Festive Season

It is that time of the year again; the auspicious time to ring in the festive period.This is a time when all worries and sorrows are left behind, and we indulge in the excitement and thrill of the celebratory festive season. However this year, celebrations will have to mild. As we continue to be home-bound for the near future, how about dressing up your interiors with attractive new wallpaper designs for walls!

Interior Ideas that elevate the décor quotient

Finding the perfect décor for the house is quite a tough task in the modern times. Even though designing a space is really exciting, it can be an overwhelming task. Regardless of the style, the small details are equally as important as the large ones.

Before & After Room Transformation with Excel

Interior renovation does not always have to mean big changes. There is much more you can do than painting your walls or revamping your floors. Sometimes, even the little alterations can make a big difference. Adding a statement wallpaper design to the living room or digitally printed window blinds in your bedroom can completely transform the look of your home.

Interiors that improve mental health – Magical tips Excel follows

With this ongoing pandemic situation, mental health problems are on a rise everywhere. Work from home has taken a heavy toll on most corporate employees, entirely disrupting their work-life balance. With partial lockdown still active in most cities, avenues for outdoor recreation have also gone. People are forced to stay home, many feeling trapped within their walls.

Interior Design Faux Pas Experts often avoid

The magic of interior designing happens in the smallest decisions. From experimenting with wallpaper designs for wall to choosing the position of furniture, from organizing accessories to hanging artwork, these tiny details play a big role in home décor. Interior designers always work hard to deliver the best for their clients.


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