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What To Know Before You Hire An Interior Designer

Bitten by the 'renovation bug'? Have you finally cracked after perusing countless pages of interior decor magazines and decided to renovate your home style? Interior decoration is an evolving process, it never ends. We are always adding something or other to our existing home interiors, be it a flower vase or new curtains. But if you're seriously considering a major upheaval of the current decor scheme, it is always advisable to hire a professional interior decorator.

Wow-Worthy Customised Window Blinds Ideas

When it comes to interior decoration, the first things to be changed or updated are wall decor and furniture pieces. But that is the conventional choice. Interior designers who like making bold choices play with other aspects of the room. Digitally printed window blinds are a smart and eye-catching way to pack a punch to one's home interiors.

Design Hacks for those who are MAD (Mad About Design)

Wallpaper designs for walls can bring in a certain joie de vivre to your interiors. Their brilliant colours and striking patterns make you stop and stare at even the most non-descript walls. But did you know that wallpapers do not always have to be used on the walls?

The EXCELlence of using Wallpapers in Commercial Spaces

Wallpapers have been around for centuries, and they still continue to be the top choice for wall decor in both residential and commercial spaces. Wallpaper for walls are stylish and durable, making them the obvious pick of many interior designers. Trade persons use the term wallpaper for residential use, while the term wallcoverings is meant for commercial purposes. Wallcoverings are used in plenty of commercial spaces including five-star hotels, international airports, and leading MNC offices.

Contemporary Urban Decor to Ace the 2020 Design Style

Two years ago, some work commitments took me to Berlin for about eight months. While there, I was fascinated by the design and aesthetics of the city. I was living in a beautifully designed cosy and colourful home of two storeys.


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