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Contemporary Urban Decor to Ace the 2020 Design Style

Two years ago, some work commitments took me to Berlin for about eight months. While there, I was fascinated by the design and aesthetics of the city. I was living in a beautifully designed cosy and colourful home of two storeys.

Why choose Excel as your design partner?

Interior designers sometimes have to work with very specific demands. Homeowners may ask for a specific wall colour or some statement accessory item which doesn't always go with the design scheme. But if the client says, designers have to comply. At such tight situations, wallpapers for wall can be a big lifesaver. Wallpapers designs come in varying patterns and colours. Thus, they are a perfect companion for interior designers.

Design like Alia's Mumbai Home in Budget

Alia Bhatt is the queen of many young hearts. In India, we tend to idolize our film stars and often try to imitate their style and mannerisms in real life. As interior designers, many get inspired by the elegantly styled beautiful homes of these film stars. Alia Bhatt's home in Mumbai is a perfect example of a celeb home that inspires with its chic style.

Infuse Some Wit & Delight in Your Interiors

Some days, you're just done with the world. Energies are drained and you want to go home and sleep off. But,there is that party that just cannot be missed. You reach the address and as soon as you enter the room, your sour and grumpy mood is gone. Looking at the beautiful walls, you feel fresh and energized. Some homes are just designed like that.

Commercial Space Design Ideas in Short Time

A working professional or an entrepreneur spends a significant amount of his/her time at the office or workspace. Some might even arguethat few people spend more hours of their day in the office than at the home. To make these working hours fun and energetic, it is very important to have a happy workspace. A joyful and positive ambience at the office can help boost the productivity of employees. This is why interior designers nowadays are using wallpaper designs for walls to decorate the office or workspace.


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