As we enter the season of festivals, styles will lean towards more cheerful and bright colours. This is due to the fact that the pandemic has left a bleak stain on society. People now will want wallpaper designs for their dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms to reflect happy spaces and make use of all shades of yellow. From mustards, blonde, warm beige and bold yellow, you’ll see everything reflected in their wallpaper choices.

Yellow stands for joy, happiness, cheerfulness and warmth. This colour exudes an energy that activates body and soul and in the form of yellow designer wallpaper, it will look fantastic on the walls of your favourite room. Yellow wallpaper drives away gloomy thoughts and cheers you up with ease. 

Yellow in its various shades and manifestations is a colour that is shown to bring advantages to any room. Whether modern wallpaper for your bedroom or for your dining room, this colour is also known to have a positive effect on spaces.

You can discover the various effects that you can achieve, for example, by combining white or light base colours with vibrant yellow or multi-colour patterns that include yellow. However, make sure that the furniture and furnishings produce a harmonious effect and avoid colour contrasts that are too pronounced.

You can also achieve complete harmony by combining yellow wallpapers with warm, reddish and darker woods. The successful contrast provides maximum cosiness and warmth. Ideal partners include mahogany, walnut, cherry tree and teak.