We begin with decoding WWF for you – At Excel, it means Wallpapers; Window blinds; Floorings - Assuring a complete solution to your interior designing needs. Renovating your home décor can be a catharsis for your soul. Let your emotions and feelings be expressed by your interiors.

From the walls and windows to lighting and flooring, everything has an impact on the look and feel of your home. With Excel, you can get quick and easy design solutions for you home interiors. Wallpaper designs for walls and customized window blinds are the go-to solution when it comes to personalizing your home. Let out your inner designer and bring out both style and grace to your interiors with collections by Excel.The colours and patterns tell a story of their own, adding character to your space. For a premium refined look, go with wooden flooring solutions provided by Excel.

Offering a complete makeover for your interiors, Excel brings in the latest styles and trends for you.


Wallpapers – Dress up for the occasion

Giving an instant dose of glamour and style to your boring interiors, wallpapers are the perfect way to add in some colour and cheer to your home. With over 5000 unique designs, Excel is one of the leading wallpaper companies in India. Build a world of wonder and imagination on your home walls with beautiful wallpaper designs for walls. Floral, botanicals, damask, stripes, geometrics, faux-textured, monochrome, or digital patterns – wallpapers can be varied and extensive in their offerings.

Wallpapers give you the chance to play with your interior space. You can install them on all four walls for a harmonious look, or just on one side of the room to create a visual statement. They can be bright and loud colours, or just a soft and neutral shade. With wallpapers, you can design your home as per your vision.


Window Blinds – Accessorize the right way

If walls are the main outfit, windows are the accessories to go with it. To get the complete styling perfect, your accessories must be on point. Windows are the main light source of your room. They let in natural light; thus, they usually hold very prominent positions in any room. With customized window blind solutions by Excel, you can convert this functional space to a decorative element of your room.

Window blind screens control the amount of light that can enter, as well as provide privacy for the occupants. Digitally printed window blind treatments can take your décor up by a notch. They have a calm elegance, which brings in style and sophistication to your room. From pretty floral designs to rain-kissed cityscape drawings, window blinds by Excel come in digitally printed designs. Accessorize your home interiors with chic and attractive window blind designs.


Floorings– Putting the final touch

Quality floors for every walk of your life! We take flooring to another level! Let your home speak its own beauty with our premium SPC floorings in your home. Excel brings in the latest innovation in the world of flooring – SPC Floor planks. SPC Floor stands for ‘Stone Plastic Composite’ or ‘Stone Polymer Composite’, a limestone core combined with PVC dust and a stabilizer. This product is moisture-resistant, termite-resistant, eco-friendly and fire-retardant. It is suitable for all floor types, including kitchen and bathroom. It is anti-skid, and perfect for use in kids’ bedrooms. The premium aesthetic finish makes it an ideal décor choice for living room and bedrooms.


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Planning to get a smart renovation for your interiors? Check out the EXCELlent tip for floorings. Check out the EXCELlent tip for flooring. vibes by choosing some neutral shades for the floorings. ‘SPC Floorings’ by Excel is extremely durable and completely water proof flooring option. With an engineered mix of stone and polymer and a unique locking technology, it is a new type of floor decoration for living room, kitchen, bathroom, & commercial areas. It is formaldehyde free, aesthetically appealing, and can be easily installed on different floor base. For more such, follow us on Link in Bio #ExcelFloorings #floorings #TippingFriday #floors #flooring #tiles #woodenfloors #floordesigns #HomeDecor #HomeInterior #InteriorDesigning #InteriorStudio #InteriorDesign #Design #FloorDecor #MyRoom #Luxury #Style #EasyInterior

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With efficient design solutions and effortless execution, Excel takes care of all your home décor needs. Our large range of wallpapers, customized window blinds, and premium flooring options make your interior dreams come true.