Wow-Worthy Customised Window Blinds Ideas

When it comes to interior decoration, the first things to be changed or updated are wall decor and furniture pieces. But that is the conventional choice. Interior designers who like making bold choices play with other aspects of the room. Digitally printed window blinds are a smart and eye-catching way to pack a punch to one’s home interiors.

The importance of a nicely decorated window space is often overlooked by interior designers and homeowners alike. Of course, the main purpose of window blinds is functional – to block the sunlight and offer privacy. But a brightly patterned window blind design can effectively make or break the decor scheme of a room. A large number of interior designers have started using these functional blinds with a decorative intention.


Excel Wallpapers has launched its own range of digitally printed customised window blinds. From colourful patterns to muted designs, our window blinds cater to varied taste. Homeowners can also go for customized designs.

When choosing a design and pattern for window blinds,


one must keep a few pointers in mind



• Less is more

Always aim to be simple and minimalist, whilst still being stylish and contemporary. This is the only mantra to timeless elegance. Always go for clean simple lines with no fuss.

• Tread lightly with patterns

Try using different textures and tones, instead of using too many competing patterns in the same space. For window blinds, tone on tone geometric patterns look quite nice.


In this blog, let’s check out some ideas for awe-inducing window blinds designs.





Neutral Elegance

Nothing spells elegant interiors more than neutral-toned colours. Be it a minimalist room with pastel walls or an exuberant space with bright walls, the beauty of window blinds is they will go suitably well with both types of interiors. Give the room a chic and modern touch by choosing a window blind design in neutral colours. The whites and greys will complement all wall colours and interior styles





Bold and Blue

Blue is the Colour of The Year for 2020. Sometimes, keeping up with the changing trends can be irksome. After all, how frequently does one renovate their home walls or furniture? Window blinds is something that can be changed quite easily. Homeowners who want to add a bit of blue into their interiors can do so by opting for blue designs in their window blinds.





Shock of Colours

Sometimes, window blinds are just what is needed to infuse colour and delight to one’s interiors. For rooms that feature monochrome walls, digitally printed blinds can do wonders in uplifting the decor scheme of the space. Choose a bright canvas of colours to make the window space stand out in the room. It works as a focal point, almost like a painting on the wall.





Pretty Pink

Pink window blinds would be an absolute dazzling choice to upgrade one’s home interiors. Be it a soft blush hue or a bright pink shade, the colour palette makes one stop and stare. Using an attractive pink pattern for the window blinds makes the interiors visually appealing.

Whether one chooses neutral designs or colourful patterns, digitally printed window blinds are increasingly becoming popular among in the interior design community. Excel Wallpapers is offering great customised solutions for beautiful and stylish window blinds.