Most people are only familiar with the major painting techniques such as –
•    Flat colour (monochrome rooms),
•    Accent wall (one uniquely coloured wall in a room),
•    Textured paint (paint mixed with different media to give it a texture),
•    Custom paint (mural designs),
•    Faux finishes (adds some pattern and depth).
Many people do not have the first clue as to the counterparts of paint in wallcoverings, which do not leave your house a dusty mess, do not give off toxic fumes like your favourite wall paints, can be hung in a matter of hours, come in scrubbable varieties thateasily last 10-15 years compared to 5-year lifespan of most commercial paints.
Below are a few unique features that one can only enjoy with wallcoverings:
•    They offer more colour, design and coverage to suit any mood, taste & need
•    Wallpaper for home wall is easy to install even for first-time hangers
•    They are value for money being long lasting and easy care
•    Scrubbable Wallcoverings are easy to clean using a mild soap and a soft sponge
•    They make the greatest impact in your room, in a single application
•    They are timeless and always fashionable to use
•    Wallpaper designs for living room complement your stylish personality
•    They come in patterns that help accentuate your personal passions and tastes
•    They brighten a dark and dour room
•    Wallpaper for home wall adds character to a dull room
•    They make even poorly designed rooms look more proportionate
•    They add intrigue to a room lacking architectural features
•    Wallpaper designs for living room create a cozy atmosphere
•    They bring out a room’s best features
•    They perform optical illusions through patterns and textures
•    They set a theme where coordinated colour schemes are used
•    They create detail where there was none previously
•    Wallpaper for home wall add value to your property
•    They are easy fix for your walls and cover flaws on your wall surface
•    They protect the walls from marks and stains made by today’s busy families
•    Wallpaper designs for living room provide an elegant and rich look to your walls
•    They imbue each room with a distinct personality
Wallcoverings are like a fine set of clothing, literally fashion for your walls that accentuates a room’s stronger points and masks the weaker ones. Once you decide what you want to accomplish in each room, Wallcoverings in coordinated colours and designs can instantly change the visual appeal of your rooms and home.With a little bit of imagination, wallcoverings can bring your walls to life!