Below we shall highlight a few advantages of vinyl waterproof wallpapers which make them a superior interior décor solution:

Vinyl wallcoverings do not deteriorate indoor air quality

Like a number of home décor products, vinyl wallpaper for walls may have an initial odour after installing. Any VOCs present in wallcoverings containing vinyl get quickly dissipated through normal ventilation. This odour is not indicative of harmful chemical agents. When installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, vinyl waterproof wallpapers will not adversely affect indoor air quality. Good ventilation with 100 percent outside air is likely to reduce the initial duration of emissions, much faster than household paints. The product literature comes with information on “airing out” times. Always observe this information.

Vinyl wallcoverings are flame retardant

Vinyl interior décor products are based on a naturally fire-retardant polymer. Flexible vinyl products such as wallpaper for walls contain additional flame retardants. Therefore, vinyl waterproof wallpaper is slow to catch fire, they inhibit the spread of fire, and they tend not to burn once the source of the flame gets removed.

Vinyl wallcoverings are easy maintenace

Vinyl wallpaper for walls is incredibly easy to wipe clean, and to remove allergens like dust, pollen and pet dander from, thereby improving indoor air quality. Vinyl waterproof wallpapers are non-porous, very durable and compatible with most household cleaning agents. Bacteria and other infectious microorganisms can be readily disinfected.  Even drug-resistant bacteria cannot survive on a vinyl surface which gets routinely cleaned. This makes vinyl finishes ideal for healthcare facilities. Cared well, vinyl wallpaper for walls can last up to fifteen years, that is three times longer than household paint jobs.

Cleaning instructions for vinyl wallcoverings

Any stains or scribbles on your wallpaper for walls should be wiped clean as soon as possible. This will eliminate any possible reaction between the stain and the vinyl. If your vinyl waterproof wallpaper remains soiled for long, permanent discolouration may result in the affected areas. Ordinary spots can be wiped clean with a mild soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and immediately blot dry with a piece of soft and lint-free fabric. Stubborn stains may require a stronger detergent. However, under no circumstances resort to abrasive rubbing, as this can cause discolouration of the wallpaper for walls. Always start with an inconspicuous spot and if that goes well, only then try and clean the design areas. Never use steel wool, or active solvents like nail polish remover, paint thinner, tar and bug remover etc. They may end up damaging your beautiful waterproof wallpaper. Always clean one section and then move on to the next. Rinse well after using a detergent.