Why choose Excel as your design partner?

Interior designers sometimes have to work with very specific demands. Homeowners may ask for a specific wall colour or some statement accessory item which doesn’t always go with the design scheme. But if the client says, designers have to comply. At such tight situations, wallpapers for wall can be a big lifesaver. Wallpapers designs come in varying patterns and colours. Thus, they are a perfect companion for interior designers.


If used with smart sense of design, wallpapers can really help to elevate the look of any room. In the Indian market, Excel Wallpapers is the most preferred choice when it comes to wallcoverings. They offer a wide range of colours, styles and patterns. From floral designs to botanicals, and from vinyl materials to sustainable materials, the brand has it all. With more than 5000 unique designs, Excel’s wallpaper collections are redefining wall fashion in India with global trends.





Collaborations with Global Wallpaper Brands

Wallpapers for wall help to capture a style and vibe. They make a visual statement, add a personality to bare walls, and bring in colour and life to an empty room. Whether you want your home walls to be colourful or neutral, patterned or abstract, textured or flat, geometric or floral — wallpaper collections by Excel offer up a huge platter of choices for interior designing.

When a client is being too finicky and wants only imported materials to be used, Excel’s collaborations with renowned international brands are a god-send. They are exclusive distributor of brand Versace wallpaper series in India. They have partnerships with top wallpaper brands from Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, France, USA, and more. To make a home look posh and stylish, these global wallpaper designs from Excel are a perfect fit for all dwellings. From cosy homes to upscale penthouses, and from five-star hotel lobbies to international airports, wallpapers can be used in all kinds of residential and commercial spaces. Wallcoverings work seamlessly well in all interior spaces.






Homeowners can sometimes have pretty specific demands. From the furniture pieces to wall fashion, they want everything personalized exclusively for their home. When working on such projects, interior designers need to find customized wallpaper companies. With digital printing technology, there has been a growing trend of using customized wallpapers in home. The wallpaper can be a flying car image for a young kid’s bedroom, or it could be sunk-kissed cobbled street in London for the dining room. They are designed as per the homeowner’s likes and preferences. From the colours to the patterns, everything is chosen specifically to meet the client’s demand.

Excel has been a pioneer in customisable wallpaper segment in India. With a team of in-house designers and latest printing machines, they have been making giant leaps in digital wallpaper designs. Excel is also known to have the capability to deliver customised wallpapers in 48 hours, which works as an efficient solution for interior designers.






One great advantage of using wallpapers for wall is that they have a long and durable life. Wallcoverings need minimum maintenance, but can last for up to 10-15 years. Excel Wallpapers are a respected and trusted name in the market, and their products are known for their high quality. As a result, interior designers tend to pick Excel’s designs more often than not because of their credibility.

If you’re thinking of renovating a home or updating the current interiors of a room, wallpapers are your best bet. With Excel by your side, you can select from a wide range of designs, colours, and styles of wallpapers. Options are plenty, and each promises great aesthetic results.

Finally, let’s brush up the reasons why Excel is an end-to-end solution for interior design.

• More than 5000+ designs in ready stock round the year.

• Associated with renowned international brands.

• Only entity in India to stock fabric-backed Vinyl Wallcoverings.

• Pioneer in offering sustainable wallpapers made of natural materials like Mica & Cork.

• Warehousing facility of more than 5000 sq meters in Kolkata and Delhi. • Ensured deliveries within 24 hours to any major Indian city or town.