Why choose eco-friendly wallpapers for your walls

We all love wallpapers. That brilliant burst of colours, patterns and stunning designs on our walls. What’s not to love? Interior designers swear by the versatility and practicality of using wallpapers for home décor renovation. Nowadays we are bringing eco-friendliness in every aspect of our life, so why wallpapers shall stay behind?

Excel Wallpapers is one of the leading wallpaper distributing companies in India. They offer a wide choice of wallpaper collections. From different wallpaper materials to various styles and patterns, Excel Wallpapers gives you an extensive range of home wallpaper as well as commercial wallpaper. Their vast library of wallpaper collections also has some amazingly beautiful eco-friendly wallpaper options.



Do we really need Eco-Friendly Wallpaper?

Do we really need Eco-Friendly Wallpaper?

Wallpaper for walls has been around for a long time now, dating back to the 1500s. They were introduced as a cheap substitute for tapestry and panelling. In those days, it used to be hand-painted designs made on paper or fabric. There are a few materials that are harmful or might not be completely eco-friendly. Just to beat those wallpaper materials, natural and recyclable materials have come in the wallpaper industry

If you want a greener and healthier home, eco-friendly wallpapers are the way to go forward. Excel Wallpapers is a leading distributor of eco-friendly wallpapers in India. Their new ‘Metallica Luxury’ collection offers home wallpaper made of natural organic materials such as linen, cork, grasscloth, etc.





Judging the credentials of Eco-Friendly Wallpaper? 

Where is the paper coming from?

Of course, wallpapers made of paper are eco-friendly options. But where does the paper come from? The answer: trees. And while trees are a renewable resource, irresponsible cutting and felling of trees are harmful for the environment. To be a sustainable product, your home wallpaper should be made of recycled paper or FSC-certified paper. The FSC mark means that the Forest Stewardship Council has certified that the paper is coming from a responsibly managed forest.

Excel Wallpapers offers you eco-friendly wallpapers made of paper weaves, raffia string, linen, antique grass, cork and mica.





Water Based Ink

Traditionally, wallpaper ink used to have solvents which later released toxic chemicals into the air. In the quest for sustainability, solvent-free water based inks were developed. Eco-friendly wallpaper for walls is mostly self-textured in its pattern. But if you find any printed designs, make sure that water based ink was used for those.


Excel Wallpapers ‘Metallica Luxury’ collection presents some elegant styles for their eco-friendly wallpaper options. Our grasscloth wallpapers come in a range of colours, varying between self-textured to the heavily streaked pattern. Our linen wallpapers create a luxurious vibe to the room, bringing in a touch of soft elegance.

So what is there to wait for? Choose eco-friendly wallpaper designs and take a step towards building a greener home.