Whom to choose as your design partner for the best business outcome?

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way we live. It has woken us up to a new normal, where our priorities have changed. In these current times, a home office has become an essential requirement for many people. Interior designers need to redesign interior spaces as per the new sensibilities of these times we are living in.

In this post-lockdown world, time-consuming renovation jobs are going to be a big no-no. With people still practising social distancing, no one will be happy to have strangers keep working at their homes for a long period of time. Thus, interior designers need to come up with quick design solutions. Wallpaper designs for walls is an effective and practical way to renovate an interior space completely within a short time.

Wallpapers are unique and amazing. They bring in life and personality to plain walls. It is an easy solution to add glamour and style to any room. Putting up wallpapers on wall is also quite easy. With the help of professional help, wallpaper installation can be finished within a day’s time. In current times when homeowners are looking for quick design solutions, wallpapers make the best bet.

Over the years, the wallpaper sector in India has seen a steady rise. And with time, Excel Wallpapers has emerged as one of the leading wallpaper companies in India.Offering more than 5000 unique designs, they are redefining wall fashion in India with global trends.


When it comes to redesigning interiors with a quick effective approach, Excel Wallpapers make for the ideal business partner. Here is what makes them the number one choice.





International Design Sense

Excel's wallpaper collectionsare curated as per the latest design trends in the international market. For people who want interiors that evoke a posh and sophisticated vibe, our wallpaper designs offer some wonderful options.

Excel has collaborations with leading global brands. We are the exclusive partner of brand Versace wallpaper series in India. There are also partnerships with well-known wallpaper brands from Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, France, USA, and more.





Customisable Solutions

For most commercial spaces, the owner prefers to go for customised wallpaper designs. This gives their office premises a unique and personalized look. It also allows companies to integrate their brand colours into their wallpapers. Thanks to the advent of digital printing machines, customised wallpapers have become quite popular.

Excel Wallpapers have provided customised wallpaper solutions to many big-name corporate houses in India including Wipro, Amazon, LKQ Automobiles, and AUDI showroom.





In addition to their stunning wallpaper collections and great customisability, Excel Wallpapers is also known for their reputable after-sales service. With warehousing facility of more than 5000 square meters in Kolkata and Delhi, the brand always has 5000+ designs in ready stock round the year. Excel also gives ensured deliveries within 24 hours to any major Indian city or town. When it comes to customised wallpapers, they promise a delivery within 48 hours.

From top quality of products to quick delivery of orders, Excel has been a winner in the home décor segment for a long time. In this post-COVID world when people are looking for quick and effective design solutions, Excel is the ideal business partner for all sort of wallpapering needs.