Stenciled wall patterns and contrasting wall colours may have been hailed as manna from heaven back in 2005, but let’s face it, they just don’t cut it in 2018 (and frankly look tacky, regardless of which Bollywood superstar happens to be the brand ambassador). Any paint job you commit to your walls is semi-permanent (until you decide to paint it all over again and suffer the triple ordeal of having entire rooms rendered off limits, dust everywhere and toxic paint fumes for weeks afterwards).

Wallpaper for walls can not only give your rooms a fresh and sophisticated aura in a cost-effective manner, they can be replaced at whim in a matter of hours, and leave no mess during or carcinogenic emissions after the do-over.

These advantages have made wallpaper for office walls and home décor essential in both modern and traditional interior design. Materials, colours, textures, styles – you will be spoilt for choices and it can be overwhelming to pick something that fits your specific tastes. Which is why you may find this style guide for wallcoverings handy:

Watercolour Botanicals

By definition, botanical wallpaper for walls conjure a shadowy and ethereal imagery on your wall with expertly hand painted foliage and floral prints, painterly effects, skeletal leaves interspersed with a few pressed blossoms. The colour palette is lissome with fine ink work in indigo blues, peachy pinks, smoky greys and olive greens.

Industrial Grunge

The corroded / raw / decayed looks of rust, agate, rough concrete, bricks pair particularly well with minimalistic smart homes boasting of dimmed lighting and futuristic home theatre tech. Rust, distressed wood, organic tones, grease & grime - this dystopian style heavily draws upon industrial / laboratory aesthetics. Such wallpaper for office walls goes well with design studios. The novelty factor stems from the fact that people would be least expecting this look inside a residential property.

Driftwood Chic

In contrast to the blonde wood textures of last year, unique wood grain effects in greyed tones like Boston, Sorrento, Malay, Arbour are all the rage this year in wallpaper for walls. Combine with black-brass metals and minimalistic styling for maximum oomph factor!

3D Psychedelia

With household 3D printers a thing of reality, can anyone have enough of self-coloured 3D wall coverings so soon? The stark geometric illusions of last year have given way to softer / organic / tactile / handmade effects this year. Graded whites and chunky textures are here to stay. 3D patterns are especially popular as wallpaper for office walls.

You can also mix and match soothing colours and alluring designs from a smorgasbord of time-tested favourites such as eclectic garden-inspired paisleys to elegant damask patterns! Have fun with wallpaper for walls.