What To Know Before You Hire An Interior Designer

Bitten by the ‘renovation bug’? Have you finally cracked after perusing countless pages of interior decor magazines and decided to renovate your home style? Interior decoration is an evolving process, it never ends. We are always adding something or other to our existing home interiors, be it a flower vase or new curtains. But if you’re seriously considering a major upheaval of the current decor scheme, it is always advisable to hire a professional interior decorator


Before you commit the actual act, here are few things to keep in mind when hiring an interior design expert.





Set a Budget

When it comes to filling your home with beautiful things, fixing a budget and sticking to it becomes quite difficult. But you absolutely need to! It is very important to set a realistic budget. Make a plan on how much you want to spend in decorating your home, including things like painting or wallpapering cost, the type of finishing for kitchen cabinets, whether you choose curtains or window blinds. All these decisions will affect your overall budget. If you plan to hire a designer, make sure you calculate his or her fees into your total expenses. There is no set fee structure for design professionals, so, each designer has a unique rate. Before hiring, make sure to go over the specific payment structure in detail.

Excel Pro Tip: If you’re someone who renovates at very long intervals, wallpaper designs for walls might be more cost-efficient than a paint job. Paint jobs lose their shine in 3-4 years, and become faded or discoloured at certain patches. Wallpapers easily last for 8-10 years without any hassle.





Figure Out Your Interior Design Style

Before you start the renovating process, determine how you want your home to look. But this is easier said than done. Not everyone will have a specific decor style they want to emulate for their home. Some people just like certain accessories, or are inspired by various images in a decor magazine. Sit with your designer and share your likes and dislikes. Figure out what are the common characteristics in each of your design choices, and a pattern will present itself. It may happen that your style fits in nicely with a pre-existing look, or that it has multiple influences. Giving it a label like industrial chic or urban glam helps the designer to understand what you exactly want from his or her services.

Excel Pro Tip: For a modern urban look, switch your curtains with window blinds. You can install customized window blinds to create a statement with your window space. This is ideal if you like a minimalist decor. Keep the walls muted and let your windows do the talking with digitally printed window blinds. Excel has a wide range of beautiful designs which can be used for creating window blinds.





Create a Vision Board

A vision board is a collection of things which the designer can use to understand your vision of how you have imagined your home to look. This is the most fun part of doing an interior renovation. Magazine cut-outs, photographs, wallpaper samples, curtain fabrics, or design sketches – anything can be a part of your vision board. Nowadays, it can be done online with image references, a Pinterest board, blog links, and more. The idea here is to collect inspiration and figure out what types of items you'd like to have in your home. This includes colours, patterns, textures, types of furniture, furniture layouts, and so on. When you hire an interior designer, he or she will help you to turn your vision into a reality.

Excel Pro Tip: When deciding a look for a room, always start with the wallpaper first. Once you have settled on which wallpaper design to use, it becomes easier to pick the rest of the items – furniture, curtains, lighting fixtures, decor accessories, and other furnishings.

With an interior designer by your side and the varied wallpaper collections from Excel, renovating your home interiors is going to be no problem at all. Find your inspiration from the most elegant decor choices, and convert your home into a beautiful residence