We all have patiently worked our way through the lockdown. It’s now UNLOCK time! Renovating your home is a good way to use your creative mind and keep your hands busy. In these times of social distancing, you should go for easy design solutions which can be done in a quick and efficient manner. Wallpaper designs for walls and customized window blinds are two great ideas for giving a makeover to your home.

Post-lockdown, the way how interior renovation is done will also have to change. Keeping social distancing in mind, we bring you a quick and hassle free solution to execute your ideas with much lesser manpower.

Excel Wallpapers offers you limitless possibilities to convert your ordinary home into miraculous space of wonder and beauty. With Excel’s amp up your interiors with our large collection of digital wallpapers and customised window blinds.


Digital Wonders on your Wall

Wallpaper designs for walls are the easiest way to change the look of your home. With their vibrant colours and busy patterns, they bring in the right amount of glamour and style to every space. Wallpapers are for all tastes and preferences. You can pick bright floral blooms, pastel-shade damasks, geometric motifs or attractive stripes.

Ditch your blank boring walls with Excel’s latest collection of digital wallpapers – AVALON and LAVISH. With these digital wonders on your wall, the possibilities for design become all the more exciting. Featuring larger-than-life prints and loud striking colours, digital wallpaper designs are all about creating visual impact.



Wallpapers from the Avalon or Lavish collection are the ideal choice for creating a statement wall in your home. Surprise your guests at the first glance! 

Customized Window Blinds

Often in the course of interior design, windowsare not given enough importance. The most we think about them is in terms of curtain colours. But a great way to make your windows wow-worthy are by installing decorative window blinds.

Seen as a functional device, window blinds serve a dual function – allowing natural light to enter your room as well as protecting your privacy from the outer world. With customized window blind solutions, they can also become an element of design in your home. Excel offers an attractive range of digitally printed window blinds for yourhome.


It may be cliché, but windows really are the eyes to your home and the way you dress them can make or break your decor scheme. Excel offers an attractive range of digitally printed window blinds which will not only protect your privacy but also make a style statement.

Personalized Taste

In this pandemic-struck world, your home is your safe haven – quite literally! As you spend more time at home, it is important that you make décor choices which you like to see and are able to live with. Always remember, an ideal home décor shall always match the personality of theowner.

Both digital wallpapers and customised window blinds give you the opportunity to renovate your home in line with your individual tastes. Want to impress people with your superior design sense? Pick a showstopper digital wallpaper. Bored of the existing décor and want some change? Go for a decorative window blind. These design solutions allow you to be as loud or subtle as youwant.



With Excel as your design partner, the latest interior trends are always within reach for you. From stunning wallpapers to soothing window blinds, we offer quick and easy design solutions.