Wallpapers: Therapy an Apartment Needs

“For interior designers and home decorators, an apartment is more than just walls and brick. For them, walls can speak; walls have feelings. Through their work and design ideas, they communicate with the walls of an apartment. This is why it is said so often, wallpapers can make one’s home walls come alive.

Wallpaper for walls come in a wide variety of designs and styles. From bold florals to geometric accents and striking colours to monochrome patterns, wallpapers offer a varied scope of creativity. Interior designers have the complete freedom to make an apartment look its best, to realize the vision that a home owner wants for his/her living space.


                 Collection: WALLS BY PATEL(  Pattern: Orchid Garden 1)


Excel Wallpapers is one of the top-rated wallpaper companies in India. We have the latest wallpaper styles and a diverse range of wallpaper collections. Associating with the leading designers, Excel offers the best in global wall fashion. Our wallpaper designs do the best job when it comes to making an apartment feel like a cosy and happy home.





Whimsical Wonder – Therapy for the vision

This pretty pink wallpaper is designed to evoke a calm and tranquil vibe in any room. The light feathery pattern is soft and soothing to look at. Be it the bedroom or living room, wallpaper for walls should ideally be in harmony with the rest of furnishings in the room. A white and grey colour scheme will be the ideal choice for this whimsical wallpaper design from Excel’s “Materials” collection.

                                                        Collection: MATERIALS(Pattern no. 358962






Antique Florals – Therapy that evokes positive vibes

Floral wallpapers are the best bet for wallpaper companies in India. Soft-shaded floral arrangements look quite charming and attractive on home walls. They give a positive vibe to the space they are used in. Floral wallpapers are most ideal in the living room. They create a welcoming and intimate ambience for your guests. Floral wallpaper designs will pair up nicely with traditional wooden furniture and conventional decor theme.





Flights of Fancy – Therapy for your soul

Sometimes, home owners do not want to commit an entire room to wallpaper. For such occasions, accent walls make for the best solution. Pick a minimalist wallpaper design that suits the rest of the bare or monochrome walls in the room. Accent walls capture attention, creating a focal point in the room. This unassuming pattern of colourful birds is attractive, giving a twist to the walls. Accent walls are good for one’s soul, adding colours to a bare room.










Naturalistic Texture – Holistic therapy of nostalgia

Excel’s “Wood n Stone” collection offers wallpapers with a brick and stone effect. Interior designers nowadays are opting for wallpaper designs that replicate the natural look of marble, stone, or wood. These naturalistic textures create a rustic look in an urban home. Such faux brick wallpapers take one down the memory lane of simple childhood days when one visited their grandparents’ home in the village. These faux effect wallpapers are most suitable for the kitchen, bathroom, and living room.











Eco-friendly Walls – Nature Therapy

Wallpapers made of sustainable materials are on the rise. These wallpapers are usually made of renewable natural resources like cork, bamboo, linen, raffia, and grasscloth. Environmentally conscious home owners can browse for eco-friendly wallpapers from Excel’s “Metallica” collection.













The Lazy Corner – Therapy for a good time

This quirky wallpaper by Excel is perfect for creating a hang-out corner in an apartment. Space where friends meet up and chat freely; where conversation flows over multiple courses of food and drinks; where rainy days are spent huddled with a book and a warm cup of coffee. Delightful quirky designs of wallpaper for walls often turn out to be the best feature in a home.

Excel Wallpapers have a wide range of wallpaper collections that can be used in every corner of a home. From bathroom to bedroom to kitchen to living room, our wallpaper designs are suitable for all seasons and occasions!