Wallpapers that can win hearts, instantly!

Wallpaper designs for walls are like a magic wand; their vibrant colours and remarkable patterns weave magic over plain whitewashed walls. Like a fairy godmother, wallpapers give a complete makeover to home walls – turning them from a pumpkin to a bright shining carriage.

Wallpapers are the perfect means for home decoration and interior renovation. Wallpaper companies in India offer a wide variety of designs, patterns, and textures. From florals to geometrics and from botanicals to metallics, there are plenty to choose from. Excel Wallpapers, a leading player in the market, has a diverse range of wallpaper collections. Our aim is to bring in the best and latest global wall fashion to Indian homes.

blog-n-1.jpgCollection: Colibiri
Pattern id: 366263

Continuing in our quest to provide the most stunning wallpaper designs to our consumers, Excel is soon going to launch three brand new wallpaper collections: Colibri, Esprit 14, and Metal Touch. Tropical prints for the living room, soft candy colours for the bedroom, and metallic textures for the dining space-these new offerings from Excel promise everything that home owners have been looking for. Each of these upcoming collections is well-suited for each and every space in house, as per the home owner’s personal taste and preference.




CorkPattern id: 366233

Colibri – The Call of Nature

Thinking of dark green tropical forests? The lush foliage, the sweet call of chirping birds and the wild blooming flowers growing in abandon – this collection invites nature’s paradise, indoors. Colibri’s wallpaper designs for walls will remind one of the great outdoors where all want to hang out or may be just spend a lazy evening. The collection has a distinctly tropical vibe with leafy banana and palm prints, birds sitting on branches, and some nature-inspired repeat patterns.




CorkPattern id: 366242

Wallpapers with tropical prints are in high demand because they can fit into any space. In the living room, botanical designs give a relaxed and welcoming vibe. They give the space a warm and open feel. When used in the bedroom, nature-inspired wallpapers create an intimate and soothing ambience. The personal haven feels close to nature, giving the bedroom a sense of tranquillity. Oversized big leafy prints also add great visual appeal to a neglected hallway or add colour and depth to the kitchen.

Being one of the finest wallpaper companies in India, Excel strives to satiate every taste and constantly innovate at par global designs and standards. The Colibri collection is a fresh take on botanical wallpaper designs.




CorkPattern id: 365261

Esprit 14 - Geometric Candies

The Esprit 14 collection by Excel puts a new spin to the old trope of geometrical designs. Imagine circles and semi-circles, polygons and cubes, and vertical and horizontal stripes - all done in bright candy colours. Ideal for use in the living room, these wallpaper designs for walls feature bold shapes in bright colours.




CorkPattern id: 365241

Wallpapers with geometric shapes have always brought elegance and sophistication to home walls. With the Esprit 14 collection, the attractive candy colours also bring life and cheerful vibe to the space. The well-defined shapes create a sense of symmetry, which makes the living room look organized and clear of any clutter. The bright colours make the interiors stand out, making the collection a perfect choice for living rooms that are meant to win hearts!




CorkPattern id: PUG102

Metal Touch - When Textures create Patterns

The Metal Touch collection plays with minimalist textures. With these wallpaper designs, Excel takes away the spotlight from colours and vibrant patterns. Neutral tones like white, grey, and beige convert the walls into an amenable backdrop, allowing the furnishings in the room to shine.




CorkPattern id: PUG205

This collection, brought by Excel, is best-suited for a minimalist-style bedroom, cosy and intimate living room, or a welcoming hallway. Textured designs in earthy shades create a warm and relaxed vibe for the room. Paired up with the right kind of furnishing, these wallpapers are just perfect for an unassuming interior style.

Excel Wallpapers has the best of wallpaper designs suited for every taste and every Indian home. When it comes to home renovation, we have all the solutions for wall decor with Excel Wallpapers!