Wallpapers That Can Make Your Festivities Come Alive

Earthen diyas lining up the walls; pretty colourful lanterns hanging from the ceiling; fresh marigolds adorning each corner of the home; and the sweet aroma of incense sticks filling up the air - Just these few words put us in a festive mood. Ever thought about bringing these tangible things into your wallpaper design? Excel has thought, and also delivered exceptionally well. Want to know how? Read on.

We are less than a month away from the starting of Navaratri, nine days of special festivities and worship dedicated to the Mother Goddess. Each part of the country celebrates this special occasion in a different way; while Bengalis are immersed in Durga Pooja pandals, South India celebrates Golu festival, and the western part of India enjoys Dandiya nights to the tunes of Garba! This joyous period is followed by Diwali and Bhai Dooj.

It is time to get into the festive mood. Before we get busy with shopping for our new outfits, let’s not forget our home walls. Bright and festive interior decor is the best way to capture the spirit of celebration. And what better way to give a festive makeover to your humble abode than dressing up your walls in beautiful wallpaper designs for walls.

blog-n-1.jpgPattern code: NK91005

Excel Wallpapers has a vast collection of wallpaper designs, styles, textures, and patterns. Our wallpapers give you a plenty of options to zero down on the final look for your home walls. Remember to pick a highlighter and coordinator set of home wallpaper to get a dazzling look for your room.

Wallpaper designs for walls are a wonderful way to break away from the old patterns of traditional flowers and diyas. Instead of making a grand rangoli on your entranceway, go for attractive damask wallpaper at your entry hallway. The exquisite design and rich colours will surely make your guests look twice. Here are a few of the top home wallpaper ideas for the festive season.




Pattern code: MF31202

Lets the stars come out at night

Festive wallpaper designs work best when used in a highlighter and coordinator style. The highlighter wallpaper features a heavy design, and the coordinator wallpaper is usually monochrome or a very subdued pattern. Making an accent wall is a great way to bring attention to your home walls. Most of the walls in a room are in neutral shades like off white, beige, or ivory. In complete contrast, an accent wall features stunning wallpaper designs in vibrant colours like red, blue, or green. Like the darkness makes the stars shine brighter, the simplicity of other walls also makes the accent wall stand out in the room.Let the stars come out at night 




CorkPattern code: MF31405

Go for the Gold

When picking out new festive wallpaper designs for walls, don’t go overboard with the choice you make. Remember, you have to live with these wallpapers even after the festive period is over. So, select a style that is soothing to the eyes. Excel Wallpapers have an impressive collection of wallpaper designs in metallic gold or elegant beige shades. The celebratory colours give an instant festive vibe to your home, but they are also toned down which can be used all over the year.




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Damask Delight

Excel Wallpapers has a special range of festive wallpapers offering beautiful damask designs for your home walls. These traditional motifs are perfectly suited for bringing in the festive vibe of the season. Classic damask wallpapers are a great choice for your living room or entrance hallway. They put a joyous spin on the home decor, evoking a positive mood for everyone who comes to your home.

Before the festivity starts, revamp your home decor with Excel’s festive wallpapers. Our damask designs will light up your interiors like a bright diya! Let the colours and patterns bring in the joyous vibe to your walls.