Wallpapers are a home decorator’s delight. Wallcoverings are the perfect way to glam up your home walls. Their bright colours and unique patterns bring in new life to a room. Wallpaper can vary in their look; they can either be funky eccentric designs or they can be simple and understated minimalist patterns. Home wallpaper can be used to hide any imperfections on your walls, or to give a complete makeover to your interiors.


Traditionally, wall paints have ruled in the Indian home décor market. But over the years, wallcoverings have slowly gained an edge over paints. What makes wallpapers so popular is the vast amount of choices it provides. Wallpaper companies in India offer a wide assortment of colours, style and patterns. If you are a believer of Vaastu principles, wallpapers give you a lot more options when it comes to using appropriate colours for each room.

Excel Wallpapers is one of the leading wallpaper companies in India. They have an extensive range of wallpaper collections to suit each of your interiors style as per Vaastu guidelines. Colours play an important role, both on our home walls and in the science of Vaastu.

Ideal Colours for Your Home As Per Vaastu Shastra


Ideally, your master bedroom should be in the south-west direction. A soothing colour like blue would be ideal in your bedroom. You can also use secondary colours like light green. Deep shades of red should be avoided in the bedroom, as it can be overpowering and stressful for people who are anxious by nature. Light pink is also a fine colour.


When wallpapering your bedroom, use light coloured home wallpaper in blue or green hues. Excel Wallpapers have some great botanical prints and nautical patterned wallpaper designs, ideal for the bedroom.


The living room should ideally be in the north or north-west. The best colours would be yellow, white, and green. It is best suited to use bright colours and vivid patterns in the living room, as it is a place to entertain guests and should be lively enough to have pleasant conversations.

View of the dining from the living room, in the Hamptons NY

From botanical designs in green to funky florals in yellow, Excel Wallpapers have an impressive collection of living room wallpapers. Geometric patterns will also be suitable for the living room walls.


North-west is the best direction for study rooms. It is governed by the moon, and hence, should have soothing colours like blue, green or white. Since the room is meant for studying, the wall colours should encourage concentration. The same principle also applies to children’s bedrooms. Use a colour that generates calm and peace for your child’s well-being.

6049 room

When using home wallpaper, you can design your kid’s room to look like their world of fantasy. Excel Wallpapers offers some awesome wallpaper designs for children’s bedrooms. Recreate the ‘Jungle Book’ forest or replicate the night sky with twinkling stars!


The south-east direction is ideal for kitchens. White is the ideal colour to use, along with some lighter shades. They help to brighten up the space and enable you to see well while cutting and cooking.


Excel Wallpapers gives you washable wallpaper collections. As the kitchen tends to get dirty with all the cooking grease, it is best suited to use wallpapers that can be cleaned with a wet cloth. This keeps your kitchen clean.

Are you still confused about how to incorporate Vaastu guidelines into your wallpaper selections? Just pick the appropriate colour for each of your rooms, and then browse through the numerous Excel Wallpaper collections. You will surely find a match for your home!