Wallpapers right from Clerkenwell Design Week

It was full of sunshine, drenched in rain, and created the brightest rainbow in the sky of fashion & design industry. Yes, we are talking about the Clerkenwell Design Week 2019. This edition was held from 21 to 23 May 2019, spreading across seven exhibition spaces. Featuring more than 100 established brands, CDW is the place to be for all design aficionados. The show encompasses every facet of design, from luxury interiors to innovative lighting.


CDW is one of the most important design hubs in the world. It plays an important role in the interior design sector establishing latest trends, ruling colours and favoured textures. We, at Excel Wallpapers, hope to incorporate this knowledge into our wallpaper collections. As one of the leading wallpaper companies in India, our design team at Excel aims to merge the latest trends with the highest of quality. Some of the top design insights from Clerkenwell Design Week 2019 are:



Bright Pastels

From upholstery fabrics to ceramic tiles, pastel tones were a big hit in Clerkenwell this year. The emphasis was on bright hues that invoke a feeling of positivity and happiness. This sentiment also finds a place in home wallpaper designs. Traditionally, pastel shades have always been used for a soft and subdued interiors style. But with the trend of bright pastels, wallpaper designs have merged the best of both worlds. Bright hues help a wall space to stand out, and the pastel tones give the room a warm and cosy vibe. Wallpaper designs featuring bright pastels create a soft, homely environment.





Natural Texture

When it comes to material trends in Clerkenwell, natural textures got a vote of approval this year. Wallpaper companies in India have been offering faux-effect natural textured wallpaper designs for some time now. This includes wallpapers featuring a wooden texture, stone and brick look, marble stone, wood and chips, pebbles, and more such designs. The use of natural textures on home walls gives the space an open and contemporary vibe. Natural textures are a good choice of wallpaper in the kitchen and bathroom space.




Expressive 3D Effect

CDW 2019 saw many dramatic and innovative 3D design exhibitions. With the introduction of 3D liquid printed wood components, designers can re-create the wood and cork effect. For home wallpaper, this means 3D wallpapers with shimmering metallics or faux wood and stone effect. 3D wallpapers have the power to express unsaid words and feelings with their stunning designs. They add a distinct visual charm to the room.



Conscious Materials

Design shows across the globe are adopting sustainability as a key theme. More and more designer products are going the eco-friendly way by using recyclable materials. Home wallpaper is also taking a step on the green path with eco-friendly wallpaper materials. From linen to bamboo to cork to grass to raffia, sustainable wallpapers are made of natural renewable resources. The designs are printed with water-based inks that have low VOC emissions. Eco-friendly wallpapers are conscious of using sustainable raw materials.

These four key trends as seen in CDW 2019 have been incorporated into several of Excel’s wallpaper collections. From natural textures to 3D designs to eco-friendly materials, Excel Wallpapers offers all this and much more. Partner with us and discover a whole new world of wallcoverings!