“MILAN” – The name itself evokes so many visuals right? The Design Capital. Where trends are born. From fashion to interiors and apparel to furniture, every new creation dazzles in the runaway of Milan.

Excel Wallpapers found inspiration in the fashionable streets of Milan and their new collections have been designed with oodles of style and glamour. And speaking of design in Milan, the first name that comes to mind is the luxury brand, Bisazza. One of the most recognized names in the design world, Bisazza is a world leader in glass mosaic production for interior and exterior decoration.

Recently, on occasion of Milan Design Week 2019, Bisazza Flagship Store in Milan relocated to the heart of Brera district. This 200 square meter of space, with extensive large windows in the front, is a striking display of rich colours and provocative designs with Bisazza’s stunning new collections. Inspired by Bisazza’s new Milan store, Excel’s new wallpaper designs for walls are a riot of bright colours and an eclectic mix of designs.




Magical Brilliance of Mosaics

Emulating the brilliant finish of the brand’s “Mosaico” collection, Excel presents wallpapers with mosaic tile patterns. From simple glass mosaic colours to tiles with incredible textural detail, the Bisazza collection is the pinnacle of the art of mosaic design. The colours and blends are offered in different tones of single colour, combinations of two different hues, and even scenery. In 2019, Bisazza previewed a floral collection inspired by the gardens of Marie Antoinette at the Petit Trianon. With Excel Wallpapers, get the authentic look and feel of actual tiles with mosaic-patterned home wallpaper.





Contemporary Elegance of Geometric Tiles

“Cementiles” from Bisazza is a collection of entirely hand-made cement tiles. From modern geometric designs to classical motifs, these contemporary cement tiles bring breathtaking new possibilities to interior design. Wallpaper designs for walls featuring squares, hexagons, circles, polygons, polka dots and stripes are visually pleasing. They bring in a sense of order and symmetry to a space. To recreate the elegant and sophisticated look of Bisazza’s Cementiles collection, choose from the broad range of geometric wallpapers from Excel.




Finding Beauty in Textured Materials

“Ceramica” collection form Bisazza opens up unique and refined possibilities for contemporary spaces. From innovative porcelain stoneware to mesmerising white clay cladding, here all attention goes into creating a rich and smooth surface in luxurious textures. Replicating this effect in home wallpaper is Excel. The wallpaper company offers a wide a variety of wallpaper materials from vinyl to metallic foil and linen to grass cloth. Each kind of wallpaper material creates a different type of finish. Embossed textures are best suited for a grand entryway or sitting room. Natural texture of wood or stone gives an art deco kind of look suitable for a living room or study.







With wallpapers, decorating options are plenty. From using bright colours to pastel shades, wallpaper designs for walls can have a deep impact in a room’s appearance. Extravagant florals, dual-toned geometrics, botanical prints, naturalistic textures, metallic finish, or attractive stripes – wallpaper designs are no less than a fashion runaway when it comes to creating trends. And Excel Wallpapers is the leader of the pack, always bringing the best of designs in the Indian market.