Home renovation can be a daunting task. Wallpapers make this job much easier with their vibrant prints and colourful patterns. Their unique designs add glamour and fresh vibe in any space it is used in. Home wallpaper is the best way to cover up old-fashioned walls and give them a new twist.

Wallpapers for the Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs are based on the belief that people have strong pre-determined personalities. This can be applied to home décor as well. Everyone have their own likes and dislikes when it comes to interior design. Each sign of the zodiac craves different colours, textures, and styles. Excel Wallpapers, being the leading wallpaper distributing company in India, offers a wide range of wallpaper collections to suit individual taste and preference. When choosing new home wallpaper, look to the stars for guidance. Zodiac signs can help in determining the décor theme.



Aries - Minimalistic and Bright

Known for being optimistic in nature, Aries go for bright shades like deep crimson and hot pink. As a fire sign, they should avoid muted colours. Lift up their spirits with bright tones. Choose bold and vibrant floral wallpaper designs for walls in an Aries home. Aries also like a minimalistic and clutter-free interior style. Elegant vertical stripes or colourful mix of geometrical shapes would also work great as a wallpaper choice.





Taurus - Traditional and Cozy

Taurus people are mostly drawn to natural materials with a timeless beauty such as stone and wood. An Earth sign, they prefer traditional décor than a modern style. They also like to live in a comfortable and stylish home with the best of everything: Persian rugs, artfully framed paintings, luxurious leather sofa, and so on. Choose aesthetic designs for wallpaper in warm colours.





Gemini - Traditional and Modern

Symbolized by the Twins, Gemini people like variety and can’t settle on a specific style for very long. Their home will be an eclectic mix of many different styles. They tend to gravitate towards colours, accents, and fun stand-out pieces. A Gemini likes to combine the most unusual colour palettes for their home wallpaper. Pair up soft lavender with chocolate brown. Accent walls may also be a nice idea.





Cancer - Simple and Cozy

Cancer signs are deeply emotional with a strong sense of home and family. They like to incorporate framed photos and other keepsakes in their décor theme. Ruled by the moon, Cancerians should choose neutral colours like white, cream, or a pale blue. Nautically themed wallpaper designs for walls will be suitable for their home. Being a water sign, they have an affinity for the sea.





Leo - Lavish and Regal

A Leo enjoys being the centre of attention, and their home décor is no different. Their home is filled with bright colours and dramatic statement pieces. An arresting image of a spectacular mural design will work nicely as home wallpaper for a Leo. A fire sign, their ideal colours are red, orange, gold, and yellow.





Virgo - Earthy and Harmonious

Virgos are perfectionist. Each object in their home is meticulously organized, and the interiors are clean and tidy. As an Earth sign, the perfect colours for their home are earthy tones like brown, green, grey, and white. Botanical wallpaper designs for walls are just perfect for a Virgo home. They like soothing patterns with a hint of minimalism. The furniture should be comfortable in neutral shades.





Libra - Elegant and Stylish

Libras are ruled by Venus, the beauty planet, and love a stylish and elegant home filled with beautiful accessories. This sign is represented by the scales, which depict their love for balance. Wallpapers with geometric shapes in vivid shades of green, purple, and blue will be ideal. Librans prefer a serene, harmonious vibe for their home.





Scorpio - Dark and Refined

Scorpio is the most enigmatic sign of the zodiac. Their décor taste can vary in two opposite sides: white on white with lots of texture; or dark intense colours like crimson, black, and orange. Scorpions usually lean towards darker shades for their home walls, paired with stylish furniture pieces and minimalist decorations. Wallpaper mural designs will suit their personality well.





Sagittarius - Bohemian and Spacious

A Sagittarius is a free spirit with an extreme love for travel. Their home must reflect their love for outdoors. Sagittarians tend to gravitate more towards natural materials and bright colours like purple, orange, red, and hot pink. Go for bricked stone home wallpaper to get an art deco style. Use their souvenirs from around the world to add colour to the space.





Capricorn - Practical and Traditional

A Capricorn loves traditional décor theme with leather sofas, grandfather clocks, beautiful wooden furniture, and vintage accessories. They want symmetry, balance, and organization in their home. When picking a wallpaper design, choose colours like green, brown, grey, and navy blue. The time-honored brocade patterns would suit well for this zodiac.





Aquarius - Futuristic and Eclectic

This sun sign is known to be creative, so their home will always be flawlessly decorated with extravagant paintings, graphic pieces, and modern materials like steel and glass. Aquarians are sociable in nature and often have friends coming over. Create an impactful décor theme using vibrant wallpapers in blue, indigo, violet, silver, and salmon hues.





Pisces - Chic and Beachy

A gentle water sign, Pisces want a peaceful and relaxing living space where they can daydream in solitude. Their ideal colours for home décor include cream, soft white, pastel blue or sea green. Pisceans have a deep connection to the ocean, and using elements like aquariums or indoor fountains will have a calming effect on their mood.
With Excel Wallpapers, home owners can find a wide range designs, colours and textures exactly the way they want. From traditional to modern to bohemian to art deco, our wallpaper designs help in renovating homes with any interiors style.