Wallpapers for the restricted areas - Kitchen & Bathroom wallcovering secrets

If your dull and boring home walls remind you of Cinderella before she had her makeover, think of wallpapers as the fairy godmother! Swish and flick the magic wand of wallpapers and give a completely new look to your home décor. The rich colours and elegant designs of wallcoverings will make your home walls sparkle. What’s more? Their glamorous look will not perish at midnight. Excel Wallpapers, one of the leading wallpaper distributing companies in India, has a wide range of wallpaper collections for all kinds of decorating needs. No need to wait for your fairy godmother! Just browse through the various wallpaper designs and find the perfect fit for your home.


For some unfortunate reason, the use of wallpaper has been majorly restricted to the living room and bedroom. The kitchen and bathroom, being high-moisture areas, are considered to be unsuitable for wallpaper usage. Most home owners are wary of hanging wallpaper in the bathroom or kitchen due to occasional water splashes, steam, and smoke.



Vinyl Wallpapers

Vinyl-coated wallcoverings come as the rescuer when you are thinking of bathroom and kitchen wallpaper. Variety of colours, patterns, and textures make them more desirable. Its texture and wide availability get you started with smart design solutions for your kitchen and washroom. Wallpapers those are ‘washable’ or ‘scrubbable’ act as the hero in your kitchen and washroom stories. These wallpapers have a high moisture resistance, and are designed to withstand the humid conditions of a bathroom or kitchen. Most vinyl wallpapers can be wiped clean with mild soap water, which comes handy in the kitchen area where the walls might be subjected to gravy stains or grease marks. Excel’s impressive collection of vinyl wallpapers are surely going to gather you a lot of praises for your pro interior designing skills. From floral designs to botanical prints to geometric patterns, they are available in large number and can give competition to the Indian population. Jokes apart, these are ideal for using in both bathroom and kitchen.





Breaking the Colour Theme

A bathroom tends to get overruled by one colour. White floor tiles, white washbasin, white toilet seat, & white bathtub – There are too much of uninteresting colours taking over the whole area. Use wallpaper for walls to add in some colour to this sterile space. Brocade patterns and large-scale prints wonderfully create contrasts, instantly dragging attention just like a beautiful maiden. Browse through the n-number of Excel Wallpapers and find your favourite wallpaper design for bathroom walls.





Playing with Pattern

Food is love and kitchen is the heaven in that context. So, a whimsical food theme seems like just the perfect option for kitchen wallpaper. They add a charming detail to an otherwise strictly functional space in the home. The pattern-heavy design can be an artistic take on various fruits and vegetables, or it can be something out-of-the-box with strings of noodles climbing up the walls. The playful patterns help to soften the metalized effect of various steel cabinets and kitchen accessories. Excel Wallpapers give you some interesting designs and patterns for kitchen use.





Mix n Match

Big spacious bathrooms are a luxury! But wallpapering the entire area might feel too overbearing. The colours and patterns can sometimes be a bit too much. The easy way to create a balance is to mix wallpaper with wall tiles. One can install tiles on the lower section of the bathroom walls, and then apply wallpaper up to the ceiling. This unusual placement changes the space from boring to breathtaking without much effort!





Create a focal point

So what are you waiting for? Get to work, and start transforming your bathrooms and kitchen into a magical space, one wallpaper at a time. Excel Wallpapers are here to help you. Their vast range of wallpapers brings in both style and class to your walls! So which design will you choose?