Wallpapers for the First-time Flat Owners

Buying a home can mean different things to different people. For someone who has always lived with parents, a new pad means getting your private space for the first time in life. For a young couple, owning their home is the symbol of starting a brand new chapter of life together. And if you’re someone who has previously only lived in rented apartments, buying a property means the freedom to decorate the space as you wish.

Buying a house is only the first step. To make it into a home, interior decoration plays a crucial role. While painting your walls is quite popular, putting up wallpaper for walls provides more flexibility in design choices. Wallpapers are colourful and vibrant, or they can be monochrome and faux textured. As per the home owner’s choice, wallpaper designs can meet the demands for all kinds of interior design schemes.

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With paints, you are only choosing the wall colour of a particular room. But with home wallpaper, you can choose patterns and textures. This allows the owner to infuse his personality into the decor. Imagine someone who is very fond of plants and gardening, wallpaper with botanical prints would be ideal in the living room for them. Excel Wallpapers is one of the leading names for wallpapers in the Indian home decor market. We have a diverse range of wallpaper collections, offering a wide variety of designs, patterns, textures, and styles.

When you move into a new home, the walls are already whitewashed. Bare walls are usually the easiest when it comes to hanging wallpapers. Before choosing your wallpaper design, there are certain things to consider. Of course, the first parameter would be the room you’re decorating. What will look good in the bedroom may not be the best choice for your dining space. Florals and botanicals, traditional damasks, geometrics, and stripes are the most popular wallpaper for walls seen in today’s homes. Soft floral patterns on your bedroom walls are ideal for giving the room a warm and cosy feel. Geometric shapes or damask motifs are a good fit for the living room wallpaper. Tropical prints or attractive stripes will look good in the dining space.




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The good thing about decorating with home wallpaper is there are no hard and fast rules. You are mostly working as per your style. If you want uniformity, wallpaper all the four walls in a room. Or, you can choose to wallpaper only one wall and paint the rest. Homeowners can also go with a dual pattern style wherein two opposing walls have a busy pattern or motif and the rest of the two walls have a monochrome. Each wallpaper style is distinct and eye-catching, and they create a very appealing visual aesthetic. With Excel Wallpapers by your side, decorating your newly bought home should be a cakewalk.




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Here are a few wallpapering tips to keep in mind:

• Choose lighter shades and pastel hues for dark rooms with little natural or artificial light and the same choice applies for the small rooms as well. Lighter colour walls build an illusion of more open space.

• Home wallpaper with vertical patterns should be used on low walls and ceilings to make them look visually taller. Similarly, horizontal patterns make high walls and ceilings look lower.

• If you have a huge spacious hallway, separate the large space into different areas by using differently patterned wallpapers for the two areas.

Decorating your first-ever home is a crucial job. It is not only about getting the aesthetics right but also about creating the perfect living space. The wallpaper collections by Excel are sure to fulfil your heart’s every desire when it comes to your home’s interiors.