Wallpapers for Quarantine – Feel alive with digital wallpapers

Stepping out on the streets can increase the risk of infection. In this pandemic-stricken world,staying within the four walls of one’s home is the safest place to be right now.And with digital wallpapers by Excel, one can make their safe place a happy space too.

Avalon and Lavish, the latest collections by ExcelWallpapers, are digital wonders designed to create magic on home walls. Beautiful home décor can help one survive this quarantine with a happy and cheerful mood. The digital wallpaper designsdo a perfect job of brightening up both a wall space and someone’s state of mind.

Wallpaper designs for walls can have a great impact on the overall vibe of a room. Bright patterns have the power to make a room feel open and lively, while dull colours can make a room feel dark and confined. Digital wallpapers are printed in rich expressive colours with dazzling designs which make them stand out. Excel’s digital wallpaper collections aim to serve as the perfect companion for all kinds of interior decor






Bold and beautiful

The shock of colour in this wallpaper is sure to attract a second look from guests! Shades of blue, pink, red and green all come together on the wall to give life to a majestic bird. Stuck in quarantine days when one cannot step out of the house, this nature-inspired design can bring in the outdoors vibe into the home. The given wallpaper is part of the Avalon collection and spreads positivity on the walls.





A paradise of green

Floral wallpapers are the undisputed choice when it comes to creating a happy and positive ambience in a room. Flowers have this superpower – to spread a smile on anyone’s face. With digital wallpapers, floral designs look as if the flowers have come to life on the huge walls. This design from Avalon collection is a testament to the sheer vibrancy that floral designs can have. With a colour palette in varying shades of green, the colour makes this designs all the more impressive.





Land of fantasy

This quarantine life has made everyone look back on their past travels with a fond smile. People are craving to escape from their four walls and go someplace new. But with digital wallpapers, one can make their four walled room into a faraway exotic destination. This Avalon wallpaper shown here completely transforms the room! It is looking like out into the sea from a boat. The best feature of digital wallpapers is their excellent imagery which makes everything look life-like, thus, creating stunning interior





Unleash the art

Sometimes, just a soothing pattern is enough to uplift one’s mood in the quarantine. Not all digital wallpapers have to be loud and bright. This wallpaper design from the Lavish collection is elegant and classy. There are no vivid colours to steal the attention, but even then, the free-hand patterns make up a captivating sight. When the quarantine life gets too stressful, looking at this soft and pleasing wallpaper can make one feel relaxed and happy.

Digital wallpapersoffer an unlimited scope for design possibilities. Be it making a statement in the entrance hallway or bring individuality to a bedroom, the Lavish and Avalon collections presented by Excel Wallpapers are designed as the perfect foil to any wall space.