Wallpaper Wonders inspired by the Chinoiserie Collection

Look up the word ‘Chinoiserie’ on Pinterest or Instagram and one will see thousands of results showing beautiful wallpaper designs, chinaware and furniture pieces. Chinoiserie is a Western style of decorative art that is characterized by the use of Chinese motifs and techniques. This style rose to fame during the 18th Century and is recognized as a symbol of oriental beauty. Chinoiserie designs mainly comprise of Chinese patterns and figures, and extravagant scenery.

Chinoiserie wallpaper designs for walls were vastly popular during the late 1800s to early 1900s, and again during the 70’s and 80’s. In the last couple of years, Chinoiserie wallpaper has been making a comeback in the modern home decor. Excel Wallpaper, being the leading wallpaper company in India, always keeps updated with the market trends. There are plenty of wallpaper collections in Excel which offer Chinoiserie patterns for home walls.





What is Chinoiserie?

The word Chinoiserie is derived from the French word “chinois” which means ‘Chinese’. It is an artistic style that shows a fantasized and romanticized version of how Europeans thought Chinese culture to be like. It originated at the beginning of the 17th century.

European fascination with the Far East can be traced back to the 14th century when Italian explorer Marco Polo travelled to China through the Silk Route for trade purposes. In addition to silk and porcelain, he also traded stories of the richness of Chinese people. The Europeans were in great fascination of this exotic race of people. This gave birth to a new decorative style with whimsical, fantastical scenery and playful flourishes.

Today, Chinoiserie wallpaper designs for walls include both traditional Chinese designs and the more modern European interpretation. The aesthetic is light and airy, featuring fanciful illustrations of a diverse range of motifs.

Like most Eastern cultures, the Chinese also tend to give special importance to their history and traditions. Home wallpaper with Chinoiserie motifs often depicts the traditional stories of Chinese folks. The walls may show a busy marketplace with people in elaborate robes, coolie hats, long ponytails and moustaches. Or a palace-like structure with exotic landscapes can also look great as a wallpaper mural design.

Chinoiserie wallpaper designs for walls are almost synonymous with whimsical natural sceneries. They feature never-before-seen landscapes with fanciful pavilions inclusive of birds, nature, lush garden vignettes, and sprawling floral motifs. One may describe them as floral wallpapers but the Chinese influence leaves a strong visual aesthetic of the Chinoiserie decor style.





Fanciful birds and mythical creatures also feature heavily in Chinoiserie home wallpaper designs. Dragons, a symbol of strength and luck in Chinese mythology, are magnificent to look at. Phoenixes too are stunningly beautiful birds with a rich colour palette. Chinoiserie wallpapers with birds and trees add a certain charm to the room.

Excel Wallpapers have multiple wallpaper collections with plentiful choices of Chinoiserie wallpaper patterns. Their richly hued motifs with exotic designs give the room a contemporary traditional look.