Wallpaper Styles inspired by Copenhagen Fashion Week 2019

The home decor segment runs on ruling trends of interior design. And what defines design trends more than fashion runways? Fashion design weeks are the birthplace for all the do’s and don’ts of everything that revolves around fashion. Whether it comes to dressing oneself or dressing one’s home walls, fashion trends have an impact on all fields of design. As one of the leading wallpaper companies in India, Excel Wallpapers combines the latest trends of interior and fashion in their wallpaper designs.


One of the growing trends being seen today is the sustainability theme. This was especially visible during the Copenhagen Fashion Week 2019 that was held earlier this year. Top names of the fashion industry including Ganni’s founder Nicolaj Reffstrup and VOGUE Australia’s sustainability editor Clare Press came together to showcase the most sustainable international fashion week the world has ever seen. When it comes to creating sustainable fashion, Denmark is leading the way. Designers are using recycled and eco-friendly materials to make their new creations. Taking inspiration from these sustainable ways, Excel Wallpapers is creating new waves in the interior fashion industry. Their new wallpaper collection is made with eco-friendly materials.




Linen has long been a part of the fashion world as one of the top fabrics. Now wallpapers for walls are also being made with this traditional fabric. Linen wallpaper designs look elegantly beautiful, giving the room a sophisticated touch of understated glamour. Linen wallpapers can be of various textures, from embossed to hand-weaved.






Made from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, cork is one of the most sustainable natural resources on the planet. Cork gained popularity in the fashion industry because of different accessories like bags, belts, hats, wallets, and more. In the interior design industry, cork wallpapers boast of a wide range of patterns. From natural textures to more extravagant effects, cork wallpaper for walls add in an irresistible appeal to any space it is used in.




Antique Grass & Raffia

Wallpapers can be made from renewable resources like grass strings, bamboo, raffia leaves, arrowroot, jute, burlap and hemp. Together, these materials fall under the category of grasscloth wallpapers. No two rolls of grasscloth wallpaper are ever the same. The horizontal strands from one roll to another roll never align together, thus creating a streaked pattern. These subtle differences add to the charm of grasscloth wallpapers and they create a panelled effect in the room.



Raffia wallpapers look the best in their natural texture. Hand-woven strands of the natural fibre are knitted together with cotton and then pasted on a rice paper backing. The elegance of the material shines through and offers a strength and sensuality to the walls. Raffia wallpapers bring in style and elegance to your home.

Excel Wallpapers is among the top trend-setting wallpaper companies in India. As both fashion and interior design trends move towards sustainable materials, Excel has also come up with some dazzling new wallpaper collections. Their eco-friendly wallpapers are big on style and glamour, as well as sustainability. With a thought to move forward, “let’s heal the world & make it a better place…” Excel believes in bringing sustainability in their designs and thus their Metallica Luxury and Metallica Boutique are introduced.