When it comes to interior design, wallpapers are the best solution for a complete makeover of home décor. Wallcoverings are like a magic wand; their colourful patterns and vibrant designs can transform boring whitewashed walls into an art installation. Excel Wallpapers is one of the leading wallpaper companies in India. We offer a diverse choice of wallpaper collections from floral patterns to brocade patterns, geometric shapes to botanical prints. Wallcoverings can be the perfect aid in a home renovation project. They not only provide a stylish vibe to any room but easily hide the small errors of the walls. Wallpaper for walls can be used for the entire room, or they can be used just as an accent wall. When installing wallpapers, it is necessary to keep a few do’s and don’ts in mind.



DO take all the preparations

Wallpaper cannot be hanged on greasy dirty walls, over oil paints, or on top of old wallpaper. Once the old paper is stripped down, a base coat of acrylic primer must be applied to prime the walls. This ensures a flawless installation where seams come together, as well as prevents the walls from absorbing moisture.





DON'T take shortcuts

While wallpaper installation is an easy process, all the steps must be followed diligently. When wallpapering a corner, the best way forward is to cut the paper beforehand as it allows having a little lip (5mm) to overlap onto the next wall. Once that side is in place, a new piece is cut to match up on the adjoining wall. One must not skip any part of this. Hanging wallpaper and wrapping the paper around corners at the same time will not yield great results. All wallpaper companies in India advise it is much better to measure and cut.





DO try wallpapers with negative space and pattern

All wallcoverings need not have a busy pattern. Choose minimalist designs with negative space in between. The empty space actually draws one’s attention to the areas where pattern/motifs appear. Wallpaper for walls with open spacing between repeats allows for a charming juxtaposition with hanging mirrors or photo frames. Such patterns are best suited in the living room and surprisingly, the bathroom.





DON’T choose unsuitable materials for certain areas of the home

This is especially talking about the bathroom and kitchen. In rooms where the walls are exposed to occasional water splashes, one has to be mindful of the wallpaper material. Fabric-based wallpaper cannot be used in high moisture areas. Vinyl-coated wallpapers are the best bet for any kitchen’s or the bathroom’s dry area. These are more durable and have a certain level of moisture resistance.





DO experiment with large scale prints

Interior designers swear by the impact created of using large intimidating prints for wallpaper for walls. They bring in the right amount of drama and glamour to a room. Wallpaper designs with bold intimidating florals or geometric patterns in large scale prints can add certain flamboyance. The bigger scale often creates the illusion of a larger space. To create a lasting impression, one can also experiment with large-sized mural designs.

Excel Wallpapers offer a wide variety of wallcovering styles and patterns to suit all kinds of décor themes. From minimalistic to over-the-top, we cater to all tastes and preferences.