Vastu principles to follow while designing with wallpapers

Vastu is not just a science; it is a way of life for many people. Vastu Shastra is an ancient system of architecture that focuses on bringing peace and prosperity to the home. It lays down certain principles for design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry of a house. Most of the Indian homes are built in compliance with Vastu principles.

Vastu, the science of architecture, also offers guidelines pertaining to home decoration. Home owners can use specific furnishings, accessories, and wall colours to make their living space more Vastu-friendly. While installing wallpaper for walls, the interior designers must follow the “dos and don'ts” of Vastu Shastra. For example, certain colours are more suitable for certain rooms; and certain colours should be completely avoided in the home. This knowledge of the Vastu principles can help home owners to choose the right kind of wallpaper for their home walls.


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The ideal wall colours as per Vastu Shastra are:



Living Room

The living room is where we entertain our guests. It should be warm and welcoming, as well as bright and bubbling with energy. The ideal colours for living room are blue, green, yellow, beige and tan. A bit of red can make the living room look lively.

When choosing living room wallpaper for walls, you can pick bright florals or soothing botanical prints for the home owners. Accent walls in red shade would also look good. The ambience of the room should be bright and welcoming.





The most appropriate colours to use in bedrooms are pink, blue and green. Since a master bedroom should be in the south-west direction, brown is also a good colour. Home owners can use a lighter mud brown shade for a soothing appearance. As per Vastu Shastra, bedroom wall colours should be relaxing to induce sleep and passionate to encourage love-making. Red should be avoided.

Use floral wallpaper designs for walls to create a soothing and romantic ambience in the bedroom. Geometric prints in light pink or botanical patterns in green will be a good fit in the bedroom.





Red, the colour of fire, is a must in every kitchen. Home owners can use it as an accent wall, on the cabinet doors, or in utensils. As per Vastu, the kitchen can have many colours – orange, white, silver, green, yellow, pink, chocolate. Avoid black or grey in the kitchen.

Kitchen wallpaper designs for walls can vary between bold and eccentric to minimalist and understated. Pick an off-white textured wallpaper to replicate the look of a marble kitchen, or go for funky wallpaper design with little watermelons drawn on it.




Dining Room

Pink, orange, yellow, cream and off-white are the best colours for dining room. They symbolize health and prosperity. Greens and blues will be good secondary colours to use. As the dining room is a space where the family shares their meal, the wall colours should stimulate appetite and conversation.

The dining room wallpaper for walls should be bright and relaxing. The pattern should be something pleasing to look at, which is conducive for an eating environment.




Kid’s Room

Happy colours like light green, light yellow, rose pink and lavender are ideal for children’s rooms. Red should be avoided as it is an aggressive color and may lead to temperament issues. Dark blue should also be avoided as it can cause health issues like running nose, cough and cold, etc.

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