Vacation Vibes forever with Excel

Who doesn't like vacations? The smell of outdoors, the natural beauty of picturesque destinations and the sheer comfort of luxurious hotel rooms – life is bliss. With Excel Wallpapers, one can capture the essence of vacations within the home walls.

Wallpapers are a magical means of home decoration. Wallpaper designs for walls can completely change the look of a room. They bring in a new vibe to an old space. Interior designers can make a room look like a street out of London with the help of wallpapers. The right kind of texture and elegant pattern for wallpapers can give home walls a superior finish, making them look just as rich and luxurious as a five-star hotel room.

blog-n-1.jpgCollection: Sierra
Pattern id: MX3018

With Excel Wallpapers, interior designers can give a home a complete makeover to make it as indulgent as a lavish hotel room suite. With our wide range of wallpaper collections, the home owner has an array of choices when it comes to picking out home wallpaper for renovation.




CorkCollection: Novita
Pattern id: 72006_2

Beige & Gold

Most hotel room walls are adorned in neutral warm colours, such as a beige and gold combination. This might seem like a stereotype; but it’s a stereotype that works every time. Interior designers can also give their client’s home a luxurious appearance using this tried-and-tested colour scheme. Excel’s Novita collection has beautifully intricate traditional motifs for their wallpaper designs for walls. Homeowners can choose gold and beige designs from this collection for their living room or master bedroom. The elegant motif designs in Excel’s Novita wallpapers add a layer of rich elegance to the room.




CorkCollection: Metropolitan Stories
Pattern id: AS369194

Tropical Feels

Excel's Metropolitan Stories wallpaper collection promises to bring in the essence of six European cities right inside one’s home. From the cobbled streets of London to the windmills of Amsterdam, these wallpaper designs allow homeowners to escape their mundane life. This beautiful tropical home wallpaper shown above brings in the essence of outdoors inside one’s living space. The evergreen palm print reminds one of the vacations spent by the sea, where the palm trees sway lightly in the cool sea breeze. The wallpapers in Excel’s Metropolitan Stories collection offer a range of choices for interior designers.




CorkCollection: Sierra
Pattern id: MX3009

Goodness of Geometrics

One universal thing about hotel rooms is their immaculate level of cleanliness. Interior designers for a home can use wallpaper designs for walls with geometric patterns to create a sense of well-organised spaces. The distinct lines and shapes seen in geometric wallpapers bring about a certain order to the room. Here, we see how Excel’s Sierra collection makes a minimalist design stand out. The geometric pattern combined with the 3D effect gives a lavish feel to this generic wall.




CorkCollection: Materials
Pattern id: 363304

Do the Drama

Hotel rooms are meant to be soft and sober, done up in soothing shades to create a welcoming ambience. But the plus point of designing one’s home is that interior designers get to play with different aesthetics. To create luxe and elegant feel, homeowners can try out Excel’s Materials wallpaper collection in their room. The black and grey textured geometric wallpaper brings out a glamorous side to this simple room. Standing against this rich and intense home wallpaper design, even a basic wooden study table looks like something out of a furniture catalogue.

With Excel Wallpapers, interior designers have no limits to their imagination. Making a home look as lavish and welcoming as a hotel room becomes an easy feat. Thanks to the varied wallpaper collections, designers can now realize every design idea they have.