2021 has proved to be a great time for interior design. But now, we are even more excited about wallpaper trends in 2022! The current modern home decor trends are a combination of comfort, the latest technology and unfiltered beauty. This write-up will take a look at the colours, patterns and wallpaper styles you’re most likely to see in the coming year.

Without a doubt, wallpaper is one of the main elements that define interior design. It serves as a background for other constituent parts and plays an essential role in the overall environment. Although designer wallpaper for walls is not the only option for decoration, it is still widely applied and comes with new variations with time. 

Be it for living rooms or bedrooms, classy wallpaper designs are just waiting to be uncovered. If you are in pursuit of new wallpaper ideas, our tailored assistance is sure to bring out the best of designer wallpapers in front of your eyes. So get ready to be inspired!

Stay up-to-date with the latest wallpaper designs coming your way in 2022!

Nature-Inspired Design

The concept of nature has dominated the 2021 trends, leading to various styles that reflect natural beauty. Due to the richness of its elements, there are numerous possibilities in this sense. What could be better than lush foliage associated with exotic animals to decorate your living and dining rooms? Wallpaper designs with shades of green, blue and yellow as well as natural materials are always in vogue. Hence, tropical-themed wallpaper definitely remains the no. 1 trend for the upcoming year.


Art Deco Style

Art Deco wallpaper trends take up an essential place in this movement. Just like the unchanging charm of ornaments! With elegant metallic effects and gilding, you will discover a wide choice among geometric wallpapers. Recreating the designs of yesteryear is a great way to add a fresh, new look to your home this season and beyond. This wallpaper style draws on the predominant decorative art styles of the 1920s and 30s. You can expect to give your spaces a welcoming touch with such wallpaper designs for living rooms in India.

The style is characterised by precise, bold delineated geometric shapes that are put together. In the process, they create an opulent design with many flourishes and elegant twists. Today’s art deco wallpaper styles combine metallic colours such as gold, silver and bronze with the geometric designs of the era to create a modern interpretation of the design. Choose from a selection of great colours to find the perfect one to complement your décor theme this season. Either use throughout a room, create an accent as a feature wall, or even in dado panels for an on-trend look. The applications are endless!


Terazzo & Trompe L’oeil Style


An unusual way of making your walls a point of interest is by opting for original designs. In light of the same, we have prepared a list of exciting yet classy wallpaper designs for your bedroom and other spaces. The "T" trend trompe l’oeil  & terrazzo trend’s blend of raw materials such as stone, wood, concrete or brick has made quite the impact - something that is sure to continue as we step into 2022.

It has meditated on technology and art to bring to life industrial-style decor and has added depth and character to many rooms. In this style, a variety of tones add interest, yet the palette is definitely in neutral territory with a blend of modern decor!


Minimalist style

The bold approach isn’t for many - and that’s completely okay. For a low-key & minimalist style, opt for a wallpaper design for your dining room and living room that’s simple in design. It must add to the environment and complement your existing setup/visual preferences. While there are various options you can consider, we would like to draw your attention to the basics:

  • Neutral-coloured wallpaper styles
  • Geometric forms on a plain design
  • Chevron design on a neutral colour

As you have probably noticed, the 2021 wallpaper trends integrate the beauty of nature, originality and elegance alongside the fusion of old and new values. The trends in this sense for every room in part emerged from the earlier mentioned concepts by offering two directions: you can either stay simple or go bold. Whichever you prefer, there’s always something for everyone here at Excel.

So let us assist you and turn your interiors into a work of art!