Indians and festivals are a match made in heaven. Every festival in India is an impeccable mixture of a lively atmosphere and vibrant colours. We Indians never seem to get enough of the festive feeling, we want to submerge into the magical festive feelings throughout the day. This is why in a desperate bid to capture that unexplainable festive feeling; we turn to the home walls. And what better than replacing the old-school paints with stylish wallpaper for home wall. 

Decorating the interior in the flavours of a festival has been the special highlight of this year’s festive season. Just like filling their own wardrobe with fancy festival outfits, people now are focusing more on revamping their innocent and plain home walls with the colours of festivals. The latest trend sees a staggering jump in the demand for wallpaper during this festive season. As a result, we had the opportunity to distribute some token of love and celebration on people’s living space ensuring the ultimate festive feeling.  

Here are some of our bestselling wallpapers during the festive season:

  • Traditional Classic Pattern Wallpaper:  The dramatic patterns pump a happy feeling into the room once it’s installed. This non-woven wallpaper had been revamping living rooms and bedrooms for quite some time now. And this festive season people understood its true potential. The traditional designs compliment the festive feeling very well. This wallpaper is the best way to make your guest feel welcomed during the festive season.
  • Geometrically Contemporary Wallpaper: Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep with the festive feeling intact after spending an enthralling day outside with near and dear ones? This is what this dramatically shaped wallpaper is all about. A magic combo of style and statement, this wallpaper ensures that your love affair with festivity never comes to an end. This was one of the most loved wallpaper for bedroom walls during this festive season.
  • Victorian-design Floral Wallpaper: This wallpaper is painted with an elegant feel that perfectly compliment the feeling of celebration. This needs no saying that every festival in India is a symbol of celebration. And perhaps this is the sole reason why people preferred this wallpaper to renovate their home walls during the festive season. This is a smart way to share the joyful festive feeling with your guests.
  • Modern Leafy detailing wallpaper: The luscious smell of flower often fills our nostrils with the flavour of upcoming festivities. The feeling is irresistible and this is why people Photoshop this feeling onto their home walls to constantly remind them of the happily spend festival days. This white flower design is the perfect representation of the magical festive feeling. And this is why people could not resist the temptation of completely owing this sensational festive feeling.

Wallpaper is indeed a smart way to revamp the rooms and this festive season proved it once more. The idea of decorating our house with candles during Diwali or X-Mas tree during Christmas has been an endearing ritual since ages. At a time when decoration defines festivals, the latest wallpaper designs have been another fun way of jam-packing the living room with the unending flavour of festivals.