Wallpaper is always your best bet when it comes to changing the ambiance of the room in a quick, hassle free and cost-effective way. While traditionalists have the option to go for intricate motifs and patterns like the Damask print or the Royal patterns, Excel wallpapers behold some of the best designs for the modern soul.

There are plenty of colors, patterns, designs, finishes, and textures to choose from. Every wallpaper beholds the power of drastically changing the appearance of your room. The entire process might get overwhelming for many people.

We have listed out some tips so that you can choose your ideal wallpaper.

Maintain the Aesthetic of Your Room-

Choose a wallpaper based on the other elements that are present in the room. The texture and color of the wallpaper should aesthetically complement every other element of your room. The choice of color will set the mood of the room. Sometimes, patterns can help you accentuate certain features of your room, like the ceiling, partition, and the overall space.

Every different look that you desire requires a different kind of wallpaper for it. For example, dramatic color accentuates the space, making it look bigger whereas, smaller-sized, regularly placed motifs can uphold a fun and bright ambiance.

Work Around the Flaws with Your Wallpaper

Intricate designs like the damask print, complex floral patterns, or even a felted texture can help you camouflage wall imperfections and architectural hiccups. Wallpapers with various finishes and textures can stimulate the looks of marble, wood, stone, and even fabric. This can be used to hide the imperfections and create a layered design. You can even customize wallpapers with your multiple choices and create a design of your liking, making the patterns more intricate.

Scale Smartly



Massive patterns create a more intimate and compact feeling for the room. Going for a small-scale pattern can help you achieve a spacious feel for your room. Smaller designs give flat walls a sense of depth thereby, making them more interesting.However, bold patterns, loud colors, and dark backdrops can help you make an empty room look more furnished. You should always choose wallpaper according to the size and need o the room

Contrast Your Walls Wisely



While too many patterns in a small room can give a crowded appearance to the room, minimal usage of patterns or no patterns at all can make them boring. Contrasting is a wise yet risky way to keep a room exciting. Mixing stripes, florals, and plaids in a room can sound like a glorious accident, but when pulled off with the correct elements can also do wonders to the room. Complementing your contrasting wallpapers with the features of the room can make it more interesting.

Irrespective of what type of wallpaper you choose for your room, it will give your space a fashion statement and definition. If you want the best of details, stylish, easy to apply wallpapers for your rooms, choose from the wide range of Excel Wallpapers. Choose your wallpapers and redecorate your rooms!