The EXCELlence of using Wallpapers in Commercial Spaces

Wallpapers have been around for centuries, and they still continue to be the top choice for wall decor in both residential and commercial spaces. Wallpaper for walls are stylish and durable, making them the obvious pick of many interior designers. Trade persons use the term wallpaper for residential use, while the term wallcoverings is meant for commercial purposes. Wallcoverings are used in plenty of commercial spaces including five-star hotels, international airports, and leading MNC offices.

blog-n-1.jpg Photo courtesy: Taj Vivanta Bekal Resort, Kerala

From the absolutely stunning Sujan Rajmahal Palace Hotel in Jaipur to the Kannur International Airport, wallpapers can be seen proudly adorning the walls of both places. Let’s see what makes wallpaper designs for walls so popular for use in high-traffic commercial properties.




CorkPhoto courtesy: Sujan Rajmahal Palace Hotel, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Visually Arresting

The first thing that a guest notices upon entering a hotel room is the room’s decor. And hotel wallpapers help create an impressive first impression. Wallpapers make the hotel interiors come alive with colour and splendour. Wallpaper designs for walls help to set the ambience and bring in a character to hotel rooms, lobbies, and even meeting rooms. By using customized wallcoverings, a hotel can come up with its own personalized decor style, which may later become one of its USPs. Wallpapers, with their inimitable style quotient, create visually rich interiors. This captures the guests’ attention, whether it is a boutique hotel or a busy-running airport.




CorkPhoto courtesy: Excel Wallpapers

Easy Maintenance

Wallcoverings meant for commercial use typically have a fabric backing for long term adhesion. This supports quick installation and easy removal. When it comes to a hotel or airports, these places receive high traffic. Painted walls can be subject to wear and tear much more frequently. Hand impressions, finger smudges, shoe marks, food and drink stains, and any other reason could be attributed to the gradual deterioration of a wall design. Commercial wallpapers are washable. The cleaning staff at hotels, airports or offices can effortlessly remove all stains from wallpaper designs. This makes them much more suitable for commercial properties than wall paints.




CorkPhoto courtesy: Sujan Rajmahal Palace Hotel, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Longer Life

Wallpapers easily last for 8-10 years without any complaints. This makes them the ideal pick for any commercial property. It is difficult to renovate a large space like an airport or a hotel very frequently. When wallcoverings are used for interiors of such places, one need not change the decor for at least 7-8 years. Being easy to maintain, they can retain the glamorous look for long periods with minimal effort. Thus, it saves on re-installation cost in the long run.




CorkPhoto courtesy: Kannur International Airport

Quick to Install

This is a strong point in the ‘pros column’ for using wallpaper for walls in commercial properties. A panting job can take weeks to finish for these huge spaces. No one likes being subjected to long durations of renovation work. With wallpapers, the job can be done in a matter of few days depending on the size of walls. A spaciously designed hotel room might be finished in just 5-6 hours. Moreover, wallpapers are stuck to walls using a strong adhesive which leaves no smell after the job. Paints leave a nasty smell on the walls. It takes at least two days of drying time before a freshly painted space can be opened for public use again.

With so many positives, it shall come as no surprise that wallpapers are increasingly being used in commercial spaces. Excel Wallpapers is one of the leading names in the wallpaper industry in India. The company has provided wallcoverings for prestigious brands like Taj Vivanta Kerala, Infosys Mysore, Kannur International Airport, Mahindra & Mahindra, and many more.

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