Sustainable Wallpaper: Where Health meets Aesthetics

“‘Going Green’ is what all fashionistas are doing now. Being sustainable and eco-friendly is the latest trend in design. So why not practice what we preach? From the home wallpaper we use to the furniture we sit on, all aspects of our interiors could do with an eco-friendly makeover.

Wallpapers are magical means of home renovation. They can instantly add glamour and style to any room it is used in. Decorative wallcoverings have the power to transform a space completely; converting four blank walls into a dense forest within hours. Excel Wallpapers is the largest wallpaper distributing company in India. We have a massive collection of wallpaper designs for walls in a wide variety of textures and patterns.


Using sustainable wallpaper is not only environmentally responsible but also a healthier alternative for your family. Most wallcoverings in the market have a high rate of VOC emissions, which can negatively affect your indoor air quality. These wallpapers do not allow the walls to breathe and start releasing harmful gases. In some extreme cases, it may result in respiratory problems, asthma attacks or eye irritation. Eco-friendly home wallpaper adds colour and life to your barren walls, without posing any threat to your good health.

Excel Wallpapers is always one step ahead of the game. Our latest eco-friendly wallpaper collections named ‘Metallica Luxury’ and ‘Metallica Boutique’ offer you some wonderful eye-pleasing wallpaper designs for walls. But before you start browsing through the various options, know more about the materials which go in making‘Green’ wallpaper.




Said to be one of the most sustainable natural resources in this earth, the material cork comes from the bark of the Cork Oak tree originally found in southwest Europe and northwest Africa. The bark of the tree is harvested commercially. Cork wallpaper is among the most popular eco-friendly wallpaper materials. They come in an impressive range of colour combinations, varying in different kinds of textures.






Grasscloth home wallpaper has its origins in Asian countries, featuring the most gorgeous grass surfaces. They are made of dried Asian grasses like hemp, jute, sisal, arrowroot, sea grass or reed. There are various lines, knots and streaks marked on the wallpaper surface, which produce a highly textural look on your walls. Two rolls of grasscloth wallpapers never look the same. When hung together, they do not align vertically and create a sort of panelled look in the room.





Obtained from the Raffia Palm tree native to tropical Africa and Madagascar, the raffia fibre is a strong, durable and biodegradable material. Wallpapers made of raffia strings are very popular. The raffia strings are weaved together which give them its final look. Finer weaves make the wallpaper look smooth and modern, while the thicker weaves give it a rustic feel.










Linen wallpaper designs look simple yet luxurious at the same time. Their premium quality has a dazzling effect on the room, bringing in elegance and sophistication. Linen being a natural fibre, the wallpapers come in plenty of colours and textures.

The ‘Metallica Luxury’ and ‘Metallica Boutique’ collections from Excel Wallpapers give you the most stunning options for eco-friendly wallpapers. So, what are you waiting for? Take a step towards building a ‘Greener’ home with these sustainable wallpaper designs now.