It is typical to clean and tidy up thoroughly as we get closer to the main days. However, you will find that changing a few crucial elements like your wallpaper design in your dining room can give your spaces a refreshing look. With an inflow of guests, your home will become the venue while your walls become the backdrop of your eventful celebrations. Of course, you can rearrange the room and move furniture around but dressing up your walls will prove to add the newness your spaces need.

With auspicious occasions in abundance, there’s no better time to start afresh.

So if you’re looking to revamp your walls, it’s time to Excel!

Walls by Patel: A Curated Selection of Exclusive Wallpaper Designs

1. Floral Extravagance:

Floral Extravagance

A vision in pink, imagine your walls decked up with scenes straight from nature’s Songbirds. Mixing both abstract impressions with flowery shades of elegance for your walls, this designer wallpaper is incredibly inviting – perfect to welcome the festive season.

2. Fragmented Mosaics:

Fragmented Mosaics

This style offers a geometrical appeal with a lively pop of colour. Presenting well-organized and attractive motifs, there are 3 distinct looks of ‘Tangerine’ to choose from. It’s a great option for luxury wallpapers for a living room that is sure to bring life all around.

3. Masterpieces:


Perfect for adding a hint of elegance and sophistication, turn your dining room into a tropical haven with this modern 3D wallpaper from Boutique Noir. It adds visual harmony, classy textures and contemporary touch to walls – an enviable combination, don’t you agree?

4. Urban Graphics:

Urban Graphics

The embodiment of symmetrical prowess, the Polygonal selection adds a colourful vibe to spaces without making a loud statement. This designer wallpaper is also available in 3 looks for walls ranging across green, purple and pink (and its complementary shades).

5. Nouveau Chateau:

Nouveau Chateau

Presenting neat lines intertwined with the beauty of nature laid out before you, Hibiscus takes a muted approach to style. Turning your home into a sanctuary, this rarefied atmosphere is perfect for the intimate gatherings that lie ahead.

If you’re looking to rid your walls of boredom, there’s no better opportunity to do so. While switching to luxury wallpaper for your living room is always a great idea, it can prove to be expensive for many. Let our in-house team of interiors specialists assist you with customized solutions and over 10,000 ways to light up your home with grace and elegance.

All you need to do is tell us 3 simple things:

  • The size of your walls
  • The preferences you have in mind
  • The budget that you have set

Before the festivities roll out, pick up the phone and get in touch for personalized assistance!