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Wedding, a union of two souls and an amalgamation of two families! Isn’t this enough for a reason to celebrate? This is the time when we come together to rejoice the new couple and make them feel special. But this year is different All our celebrations are fully centred and limited to our home. But does that mean that we will not make our celebrations indelible?

So when our celebrations become home-centric, then our walls become the centre of attraction. So when we all are getting ready for the wedding season, why leave our walls behind?

Let’s see some of the exclusive wedding collection which will give your home the contemporary look –


Just when the new bride is in a transition phase of a new home, give her the “homeliness” feeling so that she can adjust with the new environment easily. Her home was where she was comfortable. Give her a soothing feeling where she can feel homely. Floral designs with a tone of pink are just what you need for your new bride. The charming colours and designs will make your walls come alive and soothe your eyes.



Bride, Groom and your walls

And then, when your bride and groom is decked up in the reds and whites of the wedding, why leave your wall behind? Patterns on her bridal wear will be perfect for this occasion at your home too. With the evolving interior trends, a touch of the wedding spirit will add the tailored look to your room and also elevate your mood. This floral striped pattern will not only bring the wedding mood alive but also make your walls talk. Check out this exclusive wedding collection of Excel.



Welcome the bride with a new look

When you are adding a new member to your family, her entry should be grand! The easiest way to make your celebrations grand is to make your home look elegant and bright. Excel wallpapers give you a  range of exuberant colours to elevate wedding spirit. Choose from the colossal collection of wallpapers and get your home decked up for the wedding.




"Dear Groom, get ready to share your Room!"

Till now it was your room. Now it will be your and your better-half’s room. So when you start a new life with your partner, you will have to give space for her choices and preferences. Redesign your bedroom and make it a happy place for both. Excel wallpapers give you a collection which will be loved by both men and women. From eye-soothing floral patterns to artistic motives, get the best for your old, but newly designed bedroom to welcome your partner.



“Dear Bride, wipe your tears and own your new home!”

When your loved ones have given all the possible efforts to make your wedding a grand and an indelible one, it’s your turn now to make them happy with your presence. With the starting of your new life, stun everyone with aspirational wedding collection of Excel wallpapers. These wallpapers have been inspired by the international trends, keeping in mind that you too have the ownership of your new place and you can gift an awestruck interior to your loved ones.


Excited for your wedding? Make it more joyous and bright with the exclusive wedding collection of Exxcel Wallpapers. Here you’ll get a massive collection of elegant and regal wallpapers that will add the sparkles in your wedding and also uplift your excitement and happiness. Scroll down the latest collection and choose your favourite today!