It is that time of the year again; the auspicious time to ring in the festive period.This is a time when all worries and sorrows are left behind, and we indulge in the excitement and thrill of the celebratory festive season. However this year, celebrations will have to mild. As we continue to be home-bound for the near future, how about dressing up your interiors with attractive new wallpaper designs for walls!

A silent yet a prominent member of our lives, our home walls play an important role in conjuring up the ambience of the space that we occupy. During this festive season, let your walls speak. With Excel Wallpapers,transform your walls with our large collections of international range of wallpaper designs.


Here are some enigmatic designs that would be perfect for your home this festive period.

The Pastel Touch

Caught up in the rat race of the urban world? Let your soul relax by inviting in pastel shades to your home. Monochrome patterns and self-textured wallpapersare ruling the trends. So, add some shine to your interiors with pastel pieces from the ‘New Walls’ collection by Excel. The charismatic colours will add an elegant touch to your walls. This latest collection will allow you to soothe your eyes by glancing at the simple designs. It is the season to usher in a posh and refined style, and Excel is the perfect partner to help you achieve this.



Grace at its Best

What is a better way to immerse yourself in the festive spirit than to surround yourself with style and grace? A sense of chic interiors is an immediate fix to a dampened spirit. The adverse situation this year has cocooned us in our homes, so let us reign in our inner muse and ornate our walls to surround ourselves with the true essence of the festivities. This soothing green background with classy patterns is a perfect example of grace fusing with tranquility. This design not only helps the space around you shine, but it also enlivens and lifts the atmosphere of the room. Allow Excel Wallpapers to yank you and your loved ones out of the chaos and transport you to a world of simple pleasures.



Brighten your Walls and your Smile

The festivities are truly synonymous with a brightened liveliness. The easiest way to create a luminous and fun atmosphere is through intense and chic colours. Playing with various textures and shades will enable you to bring out the inner artist in you. When it comes to creating a visual statement with wallpaper designs for walls, Excel Wallpapers is your ideal ally in this quest. From eye-pleasing floral designs to stunning geometric patterns, enhance your walls with the vivid colours of our wallcoverings.



This festive season,let the chic and striking designs on your walls announce your merry spirit to others. Put the spotlight on your home walls and let the interiors surprise everyone!