Reaching the Epitome of Elegance & Posh with Excel

Ever dreamt of having a designer home? Have you always wished for luxurious Italian furniture and furnishings and lightings that come from Milan? Are you inspired by the interior design magazines that say your home could also reflect European design sensibilities? With Excel Wallpapers, you can now realize your dream of bringing elegance and superior class to your home walls.

When we think of high-end luxury and style, Versace is often the first name that comes to our mind. From clothing and style accessories to furniture and homeware, Versace screams fashion! Excel is proud to be launching the Versace IV wallpaper collection. It brings the iconic brand’s glamour and luxury into everyday living!

blog-n-1.jpgPattern id: 370492 & 370496

Wallpaper designs for walls are the best way to add instant glamour to a home. Their striking colours and vibrant patterns bring in a new life to dull, boring spaces. They can completely change the look and feel of a room. Traditional motifs or modern prints, golden baroque or soft pastels, geometrics or botanicals, monochrome design or a burst of colours – wallpaper for walls come in many different styles.

Excel Wallpapers has innumerable wallpaper collections offering a wide choice of designs, textures, and patterns. We want to bring the best of global wall fashion to Indian homes. With the launch of Versace IV Wallpaper Collection, we take a step further in this direction.

The Versace IV collection is an elegant fusion of flamboyance with modernity. The entire collection has been designed to embody the design aesthetic of Versace brand. The wallpapers are categorized into six distinct themes, each showing a different facet of Versace’s design DNA.




CorkPattern id: 366923, 366922 & 366921

Barocco Metallics

Floral trails and acanthus leaves create intricate baroque patterns for an iconic look. The sparkling wallpaper designs for walls in bright colours will bring in an oomph factor to your home. The botanical motif gives a soft feminine touch to the space, while the dazzling shades contribute to the style and glamour. The aesthetic is pure elegance and unmistakably Versace.




CorkPattern id: 370552


Light-hearted floral arrangements are presented in a discreet colour scheme to add to the subtle charm of this wallpaper design. The very first impression you get from this selection of wallpaper for walls is being uber luxurious. The wallpapers are arresting to look at, catching the attention as soon as one enters the room. They can work greatly with minimalistic furniture.




CorkPattern id: 370522 & 370512


Wallpapers with a faux naturalistic wooden texture featuring subtle meandering vines create a modern and contemporary vibe for your home decor. The geometric herringbone pattern used in these designs has been borrowed from the parquet flooring of Villa Versace. The wooden style adds in a modern and timeless aspect to the wallpaper collection.




CorkPattern id: 370496

La Scala del Palazzo

This range of wallpaper designs for walls has been inspired by the magnificent marble staircase of the Versace Palace. The designs are absolutely captivating with its exquisite combination of architectural decorative elements and a sophisticated palette of colours.




CorkPattern id: 370532, 366925 & 935855

Barocco Birds

This selection of wallpapers is a Versace-inspired interpretation of the botanical theme. Tropical birds of paradise are combined with the golden baroque details so characteristic of Versace. The natural elements put together with opulent colourfulness create a look so unique that your home will transform into an abode of elegance and class.




CorkPattern id: 370482


A flamboyant medley of acanthus leaves, floral trails and animal motifs – this wallpaper selection makes use of an idiosyncratic decoupage technique to bring together a “best of Versace iconography”. The visual effect is a riot of colours in your living space, giving it a distinct style.

With the upcoming launch of Versace IV wallpaper collection, Excel Wallpapers promises to bring in more colour, posh and style to your humble interiors