Pack personality into Home

Decorating a new home is always a fun challenge. Interior designers relish this opportunity to give bare walls their own identity. Wallpaper designs for walls are a great tool for adding in personality to a home. The uninhibited colours and eye-catching designs infuse new life into any space. When decorating or renovating a home’s interiors, the wallpapers can win or lose the game.

Excel Wallpapers is one of the top names in the home decor segment in India. We have a rich assortment of varied wallpaper collections, created by the very best of global designers. The end goal of Excel is to bring in the latest trends of global wall fashion into Indian homes.

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Interior designers like using home wallpaper to reflect the owner’s personality on the walls of a residence. Wallpapers usually have a personal touch, handpicked to ensure that it matches the home owner’s persona. Excel shares some helpful tips on how to inject personality into a home.




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For the Extrovert

Colours are one of the most essential aspects of home decor. They instantly lift up the ambience in a room. Colours have the power to bring in a distinctive flavour to one’s home walls. In a broad overview, yellow stands for joy and cheerfulness; orange is for warmth and positivity; green for new beginnings and freshness; and light blue is believed to be relaxing and soothing. These are not hard and fast rules, and can change with every individual. Warm-toned, bright and vibrant wallpaper designs for walls in the living room can set a welcoming vibe for the guests. It makes a good choice for an outgoing personality, someone who likes to entertain people.




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Pattern id: AS369231

For the Artist

People with an artistic bent of mind like having beautiful items around them. While this is true for a large category of people, artists have a special place for art both in their hearts and their homes. Intricate motifs, stellar designs, abstract patterns – all these things add in charm and charisma to a room. Oil paintings, charcoal sketches, framed photos, and murals are nice way to add artistic elements to one’s interior scheme. Designers can also pick home wallpaper that looks like a mishmash of several artistic styles. Excel has some really stunning wallpaper designs that capture the heart at first glance.




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For the Organized Mind

TMinimalism can do wonders for a home’s interiors. Neutral shades and minimalist patterns bring in an elegant and sophisticated touch to a room. Combined with simple traditional furniture and furnishings in solid block colours, such a decor can help to break clutter in a busy room. Self-patterned wallpaper in soft neutral colours can make a space look more civilized and orderly, giving it a superior air. Excel has a wide range of minimalist wallpaper designs for walls for clients who prefer delicate patterns over a miscellany of colours.




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For the Dreamer

For those cheerful personalities who always have a spring in their step and dreams in their eyes, floral wallpaper designs seem like just the thing to capture their effervescent personality onto the home walls. Designers can either go the conventional way with traditional floral patterns or choose a modern twist with contemporary floral prints.

At the end of the day, interior designing is a personalized job. No matter what the trends say, the interiors of a home shall reflect an owner’s personal style and taste. With Excel Wallpapers, no style is out of reach!