According to a recent report in the Times of India, Oct 30th2017, New Delhi edition lead content in 11 out of 15 household paints sampled from 13 brands in the national capital region exceeds 10,000ppm (parts per million) in gross violation of the 90ppm limit mandated by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. In one shocking case, the amount of lead found in a yellow paint exceeded a fatal 74,000ppm! If you have recently painted your wall, you would wish you had used wallpaper for home wall instead.

These findings are alarming, as high levels of exposure to this toxic chemical can harm a child’s brain development, cause behavioural change in kids including antisocial behavior and even inflict irreversible damage to the brain and the central nervous system of a toddler. Children are particularly vulnerable as they can ingest or inhale lead through exposure to soil or dust contaminated with lead-based paint. It is a better idea to use waterproof wallpaper that will keep the dangerous chemicals in wall plaster at bay.

The next time you feel the urge to paint the walls of your home, consider Wallpaper for home wall instead, which are far safer and come in infinite materials, colours, styles and textures to suit your every mood and need.

Any paint job you commit to your walls cannot be undone in a hurry (unless you decide to paint it all over again, in the process suffering the triple ordeal of having entire rooms condoned off, dust getting into everything & everywhere, and toxic paint fumes that can last for weeks after painting your walls. Waterproof wallpaper is impervious to moisture and dust either from the wall plasters into your room or from your room to the wall plasters.

It makes no financial sense to have to change every piece of furniture you own just so they will go well with your new wall enamel, especially a lead-based one. Wallpaper for home wall can instantly give your walls a facelift and imbue them with a fun and energetic personality. Coordinated wallcoverings can give your entire house a thematic uniformity.

Waterproof wallpaper not only hides wall flaws, they can accentuate architectural features of a room, create the illusion of sprawling space and make the room appear more proportionate.

A tasteful wall paper can complement your furniture so much better. Wall coverings can not only give your rooms a fresh and sophisticated aura in a cost-effective manner, they can be changed in a matter of hours, and they do not leave behind dusty messes or carcinogenic emissions after the do-over. Wallcoverings can be hung in a matter of hours, come in scrubbable varieties that easily last 10-15 years compared to 5-year lifespan of most commercial paints.

Wallpaper for home wall have the above advantages over wall paints and have proven their usefulness in both modern and traditional interior décor. Have fun mixing and matching colours and alluring patterns from a plethora of choices.