Play with the extraordinary – Bring the quirk on your walls with some innovative wallpaper design ideas brought to you by Excel Wall Coverings. The time has gone when you could impress by flaunting gigantic ruches, petticoat ruffles, and capacious frills. If we consider trend then bold, prominent, patterned, and abstracts make a big comeback in the wallpaper world. Here in this blog, we are presenting you with eight eye-catching ideas that can make your home come alive with Excel wallpaper for walls. Be it a bold beguiling beauty or a toned down tapestry, the ideas are all set to make your guests go gaga over your sense of styling. So here we go –

Stick it on the ceiling

Yes. You read it right. Put your wallpaper on the ceiling instead of the walls and watch the magic happen. Why will your walls have all the fun! Let your ceilings feel special too with some floral or geometric range of wallpapers by Excel wall coverings. Adding another level to your décor skills, this style is meant for making you feel like an avant-garde interior designer. Leaving enough space for your wall ornamentation, this stylization adds another dimension to your room’s look and feel. So when you will buy wallpaper online, get this idea in your mind and choose the measurements likewise.

Frame it in style – 

Cutting short on budget? Or just want to bring in the elegance? You can achieve the classic yet chic look for your bedroom by just framing the wallpaper either on the wall behind the headboard or beside your bed. The cherry on the cake is that you are free from the fuss of the extra wall ornamentations. So bingo! You got a way out of tackling the budget and come up as pro designer at the same time with Excel’s wallpaper for walls.

Keep it to a single wall –

Now, this is another trick that can save on your budget without leaving your rooms to look drab. No need to cover all the walls with wallpapers, rather stick to a single one. In this scenario, always go for bold colors and large prints while selecting wallpaper for walls. This not just brightens the wall but makes the room stand out like a showstopper. If you were eyeing on a super bold one then it’s time to buy wallpaper online. Don’t worry about cluttering the room as you will use it on a single wall.

End it at Hip level

Just in case you hate overloading your senses with bold wallpapers, this style is the perfect one for you. Cover all of the walls in your room but stop it at the hip height. This will not only add some extra charm but will give a higher ceiling height illusion. Wondering the measurement? Stand to stick to the wall and mark where your hip touches the portion of the same. From the topmost part of the wall to the marked hip, height put the wallpaper. This sophisticated look can be achieved with contrast or large motif wallpapers for walls.

The cozy bedroom or the informally set up living room, unique ideas can be applied for any part of the home. For the best quality and expert help, you can choose from a vast range of Excel Wallcoverings. Let your guests step into a world of wonders and you can always flaunt yourself as an expert interior stylist. Hush! Rest remains a mystery.

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