Old Brand-New Styles for Interiors

Ancestral properties have their own charm. Such homes are not only made of walls and bricks; a lot of emotions are also attached to these houses. Renovating an old home is always a challenge. Interior designers need to find the correct balance between infusing new elements and keeping the old decor.

Excel Wallpapers have a wide range of wallpaper collections suitable for all needs and purposes. Our various designs can work both ways: to bring in a modern flavour to an old bungalow, or to create an antique impression in a renovated hotel lobby. Home owners can renovate old properties in a new style with our wallpaper designs for walls.

blog-n-1.jpgCollection: Novita

Pattern code: 72006_2

The core job of interior designers is to convert a house into a home. Wallpaper designs play a big role in this transformation. Wallpaper for walls can add new life and personality to barren rooms. When renovating old properties, one must pick designs that will blend in with the existing architectural style.




CorkCollection: Esprit 14
Pattern code: 365241

Making a Colour Splash

One great way to infuse new life into an old home is to brighten up the space. Wallpapers from Excel’s Esprit 14 collection can be of good help in this. These wallpaper designs for walls feature geometric shapes in bright candy colours. The eclectic mix of colours used in Esprit 14 collection brings in a new and vibrant vibe to any space. Furnish the rest of the room in complementing colours to give it a harmonized look. Pastel shades would be a good match with Esprit 14 wallpapers.




CorkCollection: Metropolitan Stories
Pattern code: AS369211

Vintage Oil Painting

Antique has a charm of its own. Renovating a home needn’t always be about creating a modern and trendy look. Sometimes, magic happens in the sepia tone. Excel’s wallpaper collection of Metropolitan Stories tells the story of European cities. From the glamour of London city to the narrow lanes of Amsterdam, these wallpaper for walls are designed to create magic. An accent wall featuring vintage floral wallpaper design brings in an old-world charm to the living space. Accessorize the room with contemporary-style furniture to balance the old with some new.




CorkCollection: Materials
Pattern code: 358962

Land of Fantasy

Renovating bedrooms is always relatively easier. Home owners have the freedom to choose their preferred style of wallpaper for walls when designing their personal space. This blush pink whimsical design from Excel’s Materials collection is a perfect choice for renovating an old neglected bedroom space. The soft white and grey feathers bring in a playful and relaxed vibe to the room. Minimal furniture in the room with just bare necessities gives this bedroom a laidback appearance.




CorkCollection: Novita
Pattern code: 72001_3

Going Traditional with Motifs

Sometimes, taking the traditional route can also result in beautiful decor. Excel’s Novita collection plays with intricate motif designs that create a stunning aesthetic. Dress up the living room in a newly renovated ancestral home with eye-pleasing traditional motifs. Such wallpapers create a conventional decor style that is both known and comforting. This is paired up with a customary 3-piece sofa set and a trio of coffee and side tables. The look is not new by any means; but Excel’s designs bring in a fresh vibe to the room.




CorkCollection: Sierra
Pattern code: MX3001

Putting the 3D Effect

Fireplaces are a great tool for home decor. They act as the focal point in a room, adding some glamour to the space. For such rooms, Excel’s Sierra collection can be a great fit. Featuring non-woven authentic 3D designs, this collection is designed to stir up some drama. If there is a living room with a fireplace in it, wallpapers with a 3D effect bring in the required drama and glamour for such a space.

Excel Wallpapers have the solutions for all kinds of decorating jobs. From designing new homes to renovating existing spaces, our wallpaper collections fulfil all needs.