Ahh, the smell of babies! That sweet powdery smell found in all newborn babies! Creating a nursery for a child is one of the most exciting home décor projects to work on. All products related to infants and children are, by nature, bright and colourful. The same can be said about children’s room wallpapers also. When you’re converting a bedroom into a nursery, there are many interior decorating decisions to make. From bedding to furniture, rugs, and curtains, everything should follow a set pattern that defines the feel of your nursery. First and foremost, picking out a wallpaper design for bedroom is most important. Once the nursery’s wallpaper is finalized, it can give you a starting point on colour and pattern and help you choose other furnishings for the room.


Excel Wallpapers is one of the leading wallpaper companies in India. They offer a wide range of lively and playful wallpaper options that would look ideal in your kid’s nursery. Their new collection “What Kids Want” is specially designed to capture the imagination of your little one and make their room walls look like a page out of their favorite fairy tale or cartoon series.

Some popular nursery themes for wallpaper are:



Into The Jungle

Botanical prints and green foliage wallpaper design for bedroom is a common trend being seen in the recent years.

If you are averse to experimentation, go with jungle-themed wallpaper. It still follows the botanical route, but the tropical green leaves make it feel like your nursery is an extension of a rainforest. Let the kids experience the jungle from the comfort of their bed. Jungle Book wallpaper designs by Excel can be an easy option though. A unique change is always welcome with some tropical touch.




Shimmer & Shine

Who does not love friends who can make wishes come true! When Shimmer & Shine come home to adorn the nursery walls, kids never have to feel alone again. With the two genie buddies, decorating ideas are endless.

Parents can choose an available Shimmer & Shine wallpaper designs from any of the wallpaper companies in India but with copyrighted customized designs from Excel Wallpapers, fun gets unlimited.




Dora The Explorer

Dora cartoon series has been a favourite of the cute little hooligans nowadays. Excel’s latest collection

What Kids Want” brings them the perfect wallpaper design for a little girl’s room.

Parents can encourage their kids to go on explorations and discover their adventurous side. With Dora giving company to the kiddos in their room, the little angels are sure to pick up some quick tricks of the trade.




Fraternizing with the Flamingoes

Want to try something completely different? Design a kid’s nursery with customised pink flamingo wallpaper design for bedroom.

It can be ideal for the little princess. Make sure the room is bright with plenty of sunlight. The furnishings in the room, such as the bed, curtains and rugs should be soft and light-shaded. Flamingoes on your walls will give the room a happy and cheerful vibe that brightens up kid’s mood every time she enters the room.

Excel Wallpapers has a basket full of fun and funky wallpaper designs ideal for child’s nursery and kid’s bedrooms. They offer special wallpaper collections catering to the whims and fancies of the child’s imagination. Let the small wonders build their very own wonderland inside their room with customised wallpapers from the ‘What Kids Want’ collection. Create magic on their walls with Excel wallpapers; you just need to move the magic wand right.