As the world thaws after a remarkably cold Winter in recent memory, celebrate the onset of Spring by making your wallpaper for bedroom walls an extension of your moods and personality. Whether you are highlighting a focal point in your room, such as an accent wall, or setting up a certain casual mood – there’s a wallcovering theme that matches your every need, want and creative vision.

Modern geometrics with rich & warm colours

When you think of the 1920s, you think of Art Deco opulence. A century later, classic Art Deco wallpaper design for living room is back in fashion with a bang. What separates Art Deco design from other contemporary patterns is its intricate geometric symmetry. Other elegant patterns back in vogue include traditional Japanese Kumiko craft, Moroccan architecture; timeless fabric weaves such as silks, linens and grass cloths; suede, patina and natural surfaces etc.

Tactile textures

Tactile textures are begging you to touch and feel their elegance. The lines on such wallpapers for bedroom walls are sleek and sharp, with laser cut patterns that look less busy and classier. New materials that are steadily gaining in popularity include metallic texture – creating rippling, gleaming highlights and seam lines; denim texture – calming and peppy at the same time. Latest technological advancements in wall décor have made it possible to develop wire mesh fabrics with real metal threads woven into designs that are flexible, understated and luxurious.

Rustic weaves

Rustic does not imply inelegant wallpaper design for living room by any means. Quite the opposite, actually. Modern rustic wall patterns are smart and sleek looking. This style of décor incorporates coarse, raw and weathered surfaces; chunky weaves, natural fibres and progressive styles that are more refined and sophisticated, such as rattan and raffia. Fine structures include lattice, linear and mesh effects blended with industrial elements. Over time, the colours have shifted towards a monochrome palette from warm neutral shades. Whereas, the weaves have evolved into highly stylized tweeds and plaids.

Natural surfaces

Natural surfaces are all about touch and texture. They are highly in demand for innovative outdoor effects incorporated into wallpapers for bedroom walls with eye-popping shades of burnt orange and tomato red. Manufacturers are adding brand new styles all the time.

Oxidised metallic

Oxidized metals, wood textures, stone effects, polished plaster, patinated metals, smooth suede, chiseled effects, quartz-like layered designs, weathered surfaces are some of the up and coming natural textures of wallpaper design for living room. They often incorporate layers of colour merge with a glint of metal, which adds depth and polish.

Fabric-backed vinyls

Fabric-backed vinyl wallpaper designs for living room are scrubbable, heavyweight, durable and fire retardant – which make them ideal for public areas, stairwells and corridors.

Rhinestone & Glass beaded

3D baubles are no longer just for your jewellery or arts and crafts. Fabric weaves, metal meshes and vinyl wallpapers for bedroom walls have evolved to the extent where such beads and trinkets can be directly incorporated into the structure of the material. These translucent 3D beads (looking like raindrops on a leaf) refract and reflect light in interesting ways creating an enchanting mood within your room.