Wallpapers are what gives your interiors a definition, and bring out your persona and taste through your own space. In recent years, wallpapers have been immensely popular for their diversity, ease of application, and unique presentation. However, what matters is doing it the right way. Right from selecting the most suitable wallpaper, to proper measurements, to following the right steps for that perfect finish – there are certain things to consider, and there are few mistakes to avoid. Let us, at Excel Wallpapers, remind you how to do it right while wallpapering.

a. Is your wall treated and ready for wallpapers?

Wallpapers will not look good if the wall beneath is not treated. Any craters, patch, leftovers of previous papers, etc. must be removed and a primer should be used before installing a fresh wallpaper. Also, it must be ensured to sand any dust particles that might cause air bubbles below the sheet.

b. Measurements must be done right

Measure your walls the correct way, from edge to edge, and order a wallpaper 15-20% more than the actual requirement. Many wallpapers shrink, or there might be an accidental rip. One must be prepared for such unavoidable situations.

c. Don’t end up buying wrong material, print, or colour

Not every wall, and not every room deserves the same material, print, or colour. Hence, there must be a difference in the wallpaper you choose for a particular wall or room. The one chosen for your bedroom can’t be the one for your kitchen too. Complicated patterns can be stressful to the eyes. Loud and bright colours in kids’ room might be disturbing to the soft and tender mind of the kids.

d. Use the correct tools

While experts know the wallpaper tools right, if you are going for DIY wallpapering, you too must be aware of the right tools. Some of the common tools to use are sharp blades, wallpaper sweep, wallpaper pasting machine, adhesive, etc. and you must know how to use them to avoid ruining the finish of the wallpapering. It is equally important to be patient throughout the process right from selection to measurement to installation to make sure that the job done is satisfactory.

Our expert guides at Excel Wallpapers are there for more suggestions and tips to ensure you learn which mistakes to avoid. Get in touch with them to have a hassle-free wallpapering experience.