With this ongoing pandemic situation, mental health problems are on a rise everywhere. Work from home has taken a heavy toll on most corporate employees, entirely disrupting their work-life balance. With partial lockdown still active in most cities, avenues for outdoor recreation have also gone. People are forced to stay home, many feeling trapped within their walls.

At Excel, we believe that every home should be a happy space for its owner. From the wall colours of a room to the amount of natural light that enters, everything can positively or negatively alter a person’s mood. With Excel’s easy décor solutions, one can design their home to ensure mental health and well-being.



Tranquil Elegance on Walls

Bright, colourful, and with vivid patterns, wallpaper designs for walls can instantly make any room look happy and cheerful. Their colours can vary from bright shades to pastel hues. Research studies have shown that the wall colour of a room does affect a person’s mood. For example, yellow is said to be energetic and joyful, while blue is calm and gentle. Excel has an impressive collection of over 5000 unique wallpaper designs, suitable for every home and every mood.

Wallpapers with floral designs, botanical patterns or just clear and precise geometric shapes create an elegant as well as soothing ambience. Colours like white, soft blue or light grey give the room a chic appearance along with a relaxing feel. Using light-hued wallpapers make the room brighter, which in turn, gives a positive vibe to the space.



Digital Art on Window Blinds

Our mental state is a reflection of our surroundings. To maintain a bright outlook in life, make sure the room is also brightly lit. This is why windows are so crucial. Rays of sunlight pour in through the open window panes, and curtains or window blinds are used to control the amount of light that is allowed to enter.

A dark and dull room will make a person feel tired and lethargic. In work from home situations where people are spending long hours sitting in only one room, it is crucial to ensure that the room receives ample sunlight. Excel offers customized window solutions to add colour and vibrancy to window space. Digitally printed blinds with chic and stylish designs put one in a good mood, making them feel motivated and energetic.



Feel the Nature on Floors

One of the reasons why mental health has deteriorated for many in this lockdown is due to being forced to stay indoors. Being out in the open and experiencing nature always puts one in a good mood. Most urban dwellings nowadays lack natural elements in their home. This is why engineered premium floorings are gaining momentum in interior design. Replicating the look of natural materials, they bring in a cosiness to the home.

Excel brings the latest innovation in the world of floorings – SPC floor planks. Made of a limestone core combined with PVC dust and a stabilizer, this premium flooring solution is moisture-resistant, termite-resistant, eco-friendly and fire-retardant.



With Excel as a design partner, renovating a home becomes easy and effortless. Our large collection of wallpaper designs, customized window blinds, and flooring choices provide ample options for redesigning a space for a mental boost.