"Interiors speak volumes about the person residing in it"...

That is what we have always believed in, decking up the interiors was not in vogue when we started off in the 1990's. We began dealing with a range of interior products and services. With time, we realized that specialization is a crucial part of business. We sidelined all the other things at hand and tried to trace out the areas which we have not been ventured into.

We wondered if floor coverings were so popular then why not wallcoverings as a concept be proliferated in the market. As the wall exactly covers four times an area in a room than the floor , we somehow felt that this could turn out to be more popular. Which turns out to be true today !

The journey to the top has not been an easy one. It is true that many of our initial customers did not believe in the idea and believed texture paints are better alternative to wallpapers. We never stepped back and kept our faith to the fact that wallpapers has infinite possibilities in terms of designs and colours than any other wall products. Wallpapers would always score more; which, has got proven correct today. We still appreciate the immense support we always got from some of our initial customers like Wall Jewels in Chennai who were in the business for more than two decades then and in believing in us till today.

Apart from bestowing the Indian market place with global trends and quality products we have always given the best share of customer service to our clients. My brother Saifee who joined the business in 2005 became the backbone of operations and redefined the level of customer service in our industry which is a bench mark today. We keep on transforming ourselves by adapting latest technology to address the challenges posed in the era of omni channel. We strongly believe if you don't do it now, it will be never be done!

Redefining business and design trends is our forte and this endeavour started long back.

  • - In the year 2003 when we introduced one of our most successful collection called 'Reflection' with Retro designs from Germany - the decision was termed as a bold one by most at that time.


  • - Post that the first Contzen collection by the German designer Lars Contzen was launched in India by us, which was regarded to be very unique and modern.


  • - In 2005 we were the first one to bring wallpapers from Korea which are the finest in quality that revolutionized the wallpaper industry of India. One of our most successful collections is 'Releivo' which became a trend setter for 3D designs in India.


  • - The 'Metallica' series refined the natural wallcoverings space in metallic finishes in India.


  • - Today we are proud to be distributing the original VERSACE wallpapers in India and the journey goes on.........


Today's globalised Indians understands very well that wallcoverings is not only a fashion statement but a smart choice of modern lifestyle.

It has been an amazing journey till now, but the challenge actually lies in taking the risks and living with it.

Trends of designs and colours is not something very predictable but we master it !

Author's Profile : Tamim Mandsaurawala, Director Excel Wall Interiors.