Finding the perfect décor for the house is quite a tough task in the modern times. Even though designing a space is really exciting, it can be an overwhelming task. Regardless of the style, the small details are equally as important as the large ones. From choosing the right furniture to picking the best wallpaper, it is an exhilarating experience. Learning to freshen up décor items with some creative styling tips is exactly the forte of Excel Wallcoverings. We are not only specialists in this domain, but also possess a keen eye for design that leaves our partners always amazed.

Wallpaper Designs



When it comes to picking wallpaper designs for walls, there are quite several things that can enchant the mind. Bold and graphic wallpaper is not only 100 percent modern, but the three-dimensional effect gives it a posh futuristic look. Cubic wallpaper patterns make up a mesmerizing option in the category of bold wallpapers.


Floral prints are also a tempting option to create a casual and easy-going atmosphere. As a matter of fact, these wallpapers remain a classic favourite of many. Utilizing this motif will quickly transform an outdated room into a trendy and modern space. They add a certain amount of femininity to the ambience. Choosing floral wallpaper will enhance the beauty of the entire atmosphere.

Picking the Perfect Window Blinds

Apart from the wallpaper of a room, the window blinds also play a crucial part in setting the mood of the entire room. Much like wallpaper designs for walls, window blinds can also be fully customized.


Excel offers digitally printed window blinds to completely uplift the look of any room. The vibrant colour and unique designs will surely catch the eye at the first glimpse. Window blinds by Excel add a stylish punch to the interiors. Whether the design is floral or abstract, these roller blinds are the best option to create the desired ambience. Hence, window blinds make the perfect choice to decorate the house and give it a lively effect.

Flooring Ideas Designed to Dazzle

There’s no bigger challenge than to pick out the flooring for the home or the office. However, doing the right kind of research will lead to the perfect flooring that complements the décor.

The SPC Floor Planks being offered by Excel is one of the most premium choices in flooring. Not only is it extremely durable, but also a completely water-proof option. SPC Flooring is formaldehyde-free and can be easily installed on various floor bases. Needless to say, it accompanies the rest of the décor to create the perfect ambience. This flooring solution can adorn the bedroom, living room, kitchen and every other possible room present in the house.

Excel Wallcoverings has all the easy décor ideas. Whatever be the creative fancy of a homeowner, designers can pull off amazing results with Excel by their side.