Interior Ideas for your Living Room Makeover

You know how they say; eyes are the window to your soul. In much the same way, the living room is the first glimpse of your home. The living room is where your guests will sit, relax and be entertained. It should feel like a welcoming and intimate space. The living room decor usually sets the tone for the rest of your home's decor style.

With the New Year fast approaching, you might be considering an interiors makeover. Well, it is always good to start with the living room first. And then you can gradually move to the other rooms of the house. Renovate your living room walls with wallpaper designs for walls. The lively colours and striking patterns will add a new twist to your old walls. Excel Wallpapers have a diverse choice of wallpaper collections perfect for every room in your home.

blog-n-1.jpgCollection: Metal Touch
Pattern id: PUG102

Thinking of redoing your living room interiors? Here are a few tricks to help you.




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Neutral colours are whites with cool or warm undertones, like shades of grey and beige. They create a soft, serene look. Wallpaper for walls in neutral tones mostly come in classic patterns like geometrics or damask. But if you want an intimate feel, you can also choose a floral or botanical style. Neutral shades make a space feel calm and soothing, creating a warm and inviting vibe in the room. It is an ideal choice for the living room where friends gather up for socializing. You can complete the look with Scandinavian style furniture for a relaxing decor theme.




CorkCollection: M&M
Pattern id: 8008-3


Geometric wallpaper patterns can either be shapes like circles, diamonds, and hexagons, or damask motifs arranged in a certain shape and form. Living rooms can sometimes tend to be too busy, with the furniture, TV, coffee table, and other accessories all kept in the same space. Geometric wallpapers are clutter-breaking. Their symmetrical designs capture your visual attention, without being too dominant. Choose a pattern that will stand out even in a busy room. The trick lies in maintaining a fine balance between dominant geometric shapes and lighter softer shades.




CorkCollection:Versace IV
Pattern id: AS379600


Make a statement with your living room decor. Go for minimalist furniture and accessories, combined with wallpaper for walls that have a flavour of maximalism. While minimalism focuses on keeping things quiet and subdued, maximalism is the complete opposite. It is all about bold colours, huge prints, gaudy decor and colourful abstract paintings. You can have great fun putting up maximalist wallpaper designs in your living room walls. The Versace IV wallpaper collection by Excel would be an excellent choice. But it is important to keep a fine balance. Bold and lively can very easily become busy and cluttered. So, some restraint is advised.





CorkCollection: Montana
Pattern id: MT2014


A black decor theme can look visually arresting. The dark intense shade brings out a classy and luxurious vibe to the space. Black wallpaper designs for walls can look especially captivating in the living room. To make sure the room doesn’t feel too small or claustrophobic, add in splashes of white or some other light colour. This can be done using throw cushions, rugs, or even flowers. In most cases, black walls have a shock effect on your guests; thus making a powerful impression. When it comes to renovation and interior makeover, wallpapers provide you with all the inspiration.

Excel’s wide range of wallpaper collections can be your perfect decorating partner in this coming New Year. Convert your ordinary looking living room to a lively and welcoming space.